Dark X: Vanessa Sky and Isiah Maxwell

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The DarkX.com synopsis reads: Vanessa Sky is a hot teen babysitter, babysitting for Isiah Maxwell. She drifts away in a daydream at how it would be like to have his big black cock deep inside her tight teen pussy! How good, it would feel to make a man like him, cum for her! If only she could act on her impulse and get that huge cock in real life!

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Acting in porn? Serious acting? I’m usually not a fan. But here it’s spot on with Isiah as a single parent businessman and babysitter Vanessa. Isiah’s complexion against brown-eyed, brunette, olive-skinned Vanessa does not make for a remarkable striking IR scene by the usual interracial porn standards. Therefore, I’m simply judging this as a porn scene. The niche is all about big black cock, not necessarily color contrast with Dark X.

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The idea of Vanessa fantasizing about Isiah and touching herself is not al all unrealistic. The way the two characters are brought together sexually is courtesy of porn film magic. What I like most about this scene is Isiah’s portrayal of a confident guy who could get it if he wanted to. In spite of how gorgeous Vanessa is, he’s able to take it or leave it. At the end, Vanessa doesn’t seem to be all wrapped up in emotion either. This DarkX.com update is all simply about two people physically hot for each other. That’s good enough for me.

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