WeFuckBlackGirls.com Makes $50k Porn Offer to Rachel Dolezal


While the country has been divided since Rachel Dolezal’s parent’s outed the now former Spokane Chapter of the NAACP, The Dogfart Network which is the largest Interracial and Black Adult Entertainment Network on the web has offered her a $50,000 contract to perform in 4 separate scenes. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is an African-American Civil Rights Organization that was founded in 1909. It consists of numerous chapters across the US and is known as the official lobbying wing for issues associated with African-Americans. Dolezal stepped down from her post as President of the Spokane chapter on Monday after being outed by her own parents and the internet blowing up on whether or not her being in that position and being white while pretending to be black was unethical. The Dogfart Network which runs 23 different sites all catering to the Interracial and Black Adult Entertainment genres states that they’ve “never discriminated against any race and has in fact built one of the largest Adult Entertainment Empires using the Interracial Genre. A Dogfart Representative said, “Now that Dolezal is out of work, we would like to offer her a $50,000 contract to perform in 4 separate scenes for 4 of our different sites. She will be given creative control and get to choose the talent she works with. We hope she seriously considers this offer.” Take the We Fuck Black Girls tour.