Lady Dee – Pee in Pink


Photographer Mark spotted a beautiful blooming field near Prague and he thought it would make a great location for a shoot. He called Lady Dee, a new favorite W4B model and brought her there. She absolutely loved it, she was as naughty and daring as her usual self. She posed with her legs wide open, she masturbated and peed… Three times. I’m usually more into making a girl squirt during orgasm than watching her pee. But seeing gorgeous half Czech and half Vietnamese Lady Dee removing her clothing in what begins as a wholesome nude video, then candidly peeing is highly erotic to me. I knew a girl who liked golden showers in the tub, but it didn’t turn me on too much (although it led to some of the best sex in my life). I think what makes this video hotter to me is the fact that Lady Dee is doing it outdoors on Watch 4 Beauty.