Beautiful Chanel Santini In Glorious 4K

Chanel Santini, who is originally from Dallas, Texas and currently residing in Las Vegas, Nevada, is on my list of top 10 best trans models of all time. With incredible solo and hardcore performances under her belt on, Shemale.Porn and on TGirls.Porn, she’s back on Shemale.XXX in “Beautiful Chanel Santini In Glorious 4K!” presented by Omar Wax.

I haven’t seen recent updates on but I downloaded the fuck out of all her magnificent photo and video sets there. She’s among the best of the best live webcam performers on and I highly recommend that you sing up for free. Big tips accelerate the speed of cum shots in the Trans section.

“Beautiful Chanel Santini In Glorious 4K!” on Shemale.XXX begins with the hung beauty standing in a letter man jacket, black brassiere, toe-cleavage baring Louboutin’s and white panties. Omar Wax films Chanel saying hello with the base of her cock exposed above the waistband of her undies. Then her beautiful penis slips out. The back of her panties has a bow on it which provides spot on commentary about the prize of her incredible bottom. Chanel lowers said undies to give you an explicit view of her fun spot.

Chanel’s smooth ball sack is still hidden within her panties, but as she touches her goodies, she asks if we missed seeing her pretty little dick. Of course, her fans would have missed a day without it. But it hasn’t been that long and Chanel’s dick is only “little” when it’s flaccid. She corrects that by adding that it’s a big dick (just not big yet).

It expands quickly with one of Chanel’s pretty tits exposed as she leans back against a table. Her big cock stands out high about the balls you’ll crave tea bagging. Her turgid rod is all wet with lube as she strokes its length. She then turns around to kick off her panties. Then she crawls up on the table to destroy you with a killer view of her ass and the bare cock and balls hanging below.

While using the dirty talk skills she’s mastered with a prolific and steady amount of live broadcasts, she begins finger fucking herself. She finger bangs herself hard and spanks herself hard too! “My little juicy 18 year old ass,” she calls it, reminding us that this exquisite 4K scene was filmed just before her 19th birthday.

Halfway through this scene, all Chanel has on is her skyscraper designer heels. After having spun and discarded her undies, Chanel stands on the floor in a full frontal view and resumes stroking her hardon. She’s so turned on back on the table that her big cock is pointing toward the ceiling. I’m going to leave you with that thought but you can watch a low resolution free trailer of this 4K video resolution sizzler on Shemale.XXX!

Pure-TS: Bailey Love

Sexy newlywed Bailey Love is bored reads the official Pure-TS synopsis. She hates housework and wants some excitement in her life. Her husband is conveniently not home when one of his workout buddies comes over looking for him. She pounces on him, pulls his cock out, and gets to work. He is powerless to resist her charms and her fine ass.

“Bored Newlywed Bailey Fucks Hubby’s Workout Partner” is special to me because I absolutely adore Bailey. I think that affection comes through in my April 23, 2016 TS Dreamland exclusive interview-with-bailey-love.

The current theme of Caramel’s Girls is “Naughty Girls In Varying Stages of Transition” and although Bailey looks far along in her journey, she’s still such a fresh and new starlet. The prime real estate of Bailey’s ass sways this way and that as she cleans the counter, doing the housework she hates. There’s a knock at the door and she moves with a sexy gait in her form fitting dress to answer it. It’s Christian expecting to see his friend Charlie at the door, but it’s his beautiful wife Bailey. They’ve never met and he didn’t even know his buddy was married. Bailey politely invites him in and explains that the dude left in a hurry on a business emergency. He didn’t even remember his cell phone and there’s no telling when he’ll return home.

Bailey now knows that this is her hubby’s workout partner and she’s so impressed that she wants to touch them. Christian resists her flirtatious advances when she touches his chest and grabs the bugle in his shorts twice. He does at first anyway until Bailey starts kissing him. Even then he tries to stop her but it’s just no use. She’s irresistible. As they make out, his big bulge is clearly visible as their bodies press together while making out. He lifts the hem of her skirt up and her full, pantied butt comes into view.

“You’re a much better kisser than my husband,” she exclaims and pulls down the waistband of his shorts. “Holy shit, wow! You’re a lot bigger than Charlie,” she says, staring down at the enormous stiff cock standing up to greet her. Bailey sinks to her knees and runs her tongue along his large balls and up the rock hard shaft. Then the brunette beauty makes a fabulous show of sucking the big man’s cock.

She tea bags his balls and jerks at the part of the long, thick shaft she can’t manage inside her mouth. Totally turned on, Christian raises Bailey to her feet and turns her around to face the counter and bend over. He’s dying to give her a rim job and wastes no time going at it. Soon after, he’s driving his monster cock in and out of her incredible heart-shaped ass bareback!

Bailey’s lovely cock and balls jiggle wildly as she takes Christian’s big pecker while standing up with one of her gorgeous legs way up in the air. She looks stunning as she leads him by the prick to the living room area where they can get more comfortable. She takes off her top and he helps her remove her brassiere. Then he fucks her doggy style and in the missionary position! In a swift trademark move, he picks her up like she weighs next to nothing and arranges her exquisite form into a standing 69 position. Then we’re treated to the site of her sexy ass again as she takes a bareback cowgirl railing and one in reverse! There are more position changes before this incredible Pure-TS scene comes to and end.

I don’t want to give away the ending and besides, I’ve yet to tell you about the killer scene with Bailey Love of Christian’s newer trans hardcore website!

Yammi Is So Yummy!

Charade Bar dancer #14 Yammi is so adorable and so sexy. She steps out from behind a staircase and says “Hi,” with a cute little wave wearing a black dress and platform mules when her video begins. I’d love to have her frock for myself and those shoes also if not for that unfortunate thing where the little toe hangs off the side. Platforms are easy to walk and dance in, but that minor overhang detail with the little piggy can be a deal breaker for lots of girls.

When it comes to the pretty Thai model, I see no deal breakers at all. Yammi speaks English well with Frank with a sweet, high-pitched voice. The 25 year old has been in Bangkok for two years and she wants to be a dominatrix. She likes white men, so there you go, guys who fit the description and like being topped.

Yammi doesn’t just like to dominate men however. She likes being fucked also. Some guys are so lucky I think to myself when she raises the hem of her dress to expose her hot little butt. It has the perfect tilt and she spanks it hard, getting my imagination going.

When Yammi starts rubbing herself, Frank asks if she has a big cock. She says she does and I personally don’t think it’s all that big, but it’s just perfect. She tents the fabric of her dress with it and it’s obviously hard before she fully exposes it.

Yammi raises the hem of her dress above her pierced belly and her uncut cock stands higher than straight out. The head of her penis is slightly visible and Yammi fully exposes it as she masturbates slowly. I think it’s the perfect sized cock for someone inexperienced as a bottom, for someone who really just enjoys sucking or only bottoms every now and then like yours truly.

The photo shoot and video are much more explicit than what I’m showing here. Yammi is not shy at all about extreme closeups on her private parts. The footage ranges from wide, full body full frontal and floor level closeups on her ass, her raging hard cock, and her flat chest capped with big suckable nipples. Yammi gets incredibly horny while making pre-cum ooze from her hardon and leg admirers and foot lovers will absolutely love it when she’s on the floor completely naked in her debut. I love seeing Yammi finger bang her sexy ass and perhaps her delicious looking Bangkok cock is bigger than I originally thought it was.

Femout.XXX: Onika by Omar

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery

“Hey boys! I’m Onika Miraj, I’m daddy’s little secret. I’m only here to please you. Tell your gf that you’re working late. Now come to me and take me right on your desk in the office! Curvaceous girl, that enjoys manly men. My weakness are older businessmen. Come here, my ass needs some attention.” That’s the way this beauty presented by producer Omar Wax describes herself on Femout.XXX. Thick in the right places is the way some of her new fans will think of her with the killer first time solo she kills it with on this remarkable niche website. We live in an age when couture fashion designers still refuse to design clothing for the average American woman who is between sizes 14 and 16. But I doubt those designers would get massive erections seeing girls with measurements like Onika. That’s part of the problem. Well, enough about fashion. What most of us are interested in is seeing Okina in lingerie and stripping out of it. Let me tell you it’s a beautiful thing to witness! Omar films Onika posing next to a large bed drawing our attention to her fabulously curvaceous ass, thick thighs, full calves and high-arched little bare feet. She’s petite so I don’t think BBW trans would be an appropriate term for her. One of the things you’ll notice as she sheds more and more clothing is her virtually flawless skin tone. After moving gracefully on the bed in a variety of enticing positions, Onika strips gloriously nude. She shakes her ass while simulating getting fucked and spanks it hard! Then she lays back and takes her cock into her hand. Onika wiggles it around a bit, then strokes it firmly to make it harden. Once her cock is fully erect, she uses both hands to work a tasty looking stream of pre-cum from her swollen cockhead. Then she’s on her hands and knees again inviting you to do what you must to get yourself off.

You can Watch Onika's Free Trailer on Femout.XXX
You can Watch Onika’s Free Trailer on Femout.XXX

Pure-TS – Naughty Schoolgirl Nicole Osman

In “Naughty Schoolgirl Gets Taught a Hard Lesson” on, Professor Christian is there to scold young Nicole Osman and teach her that being naughty has consequences. She does nothing to resist his advances when he kisses her and feels her up, pulling her lithe frame against his sturdy one by grabbing handfuls of her full, sexy ass. As he spanks her butt cheeks and makes them jiggle, we can see she has a big ball sack from the back that’s threatening to completely escape her little panties. But he kicks that process into high gear by lowering her undies, exposing more of then and her penetrable center. Her tartan plaid skirt is still on, but it doesn’t hide the sight of one of his large fingers banging her tightness.

Nicole dutifully accepts the punishment she’s about to receive by sinking to her knees in preparation for the huge hardon that’s about to spring into the open before her pretty face. She takes the bulbous head inside her mouth and strokes his shaft, managing a good amount of the length down her throat. Nicole jerks herself off while giving head and when Christian XXX decides he wants a taste, he gives the naughty schoolgirl a blowjob in return. This beautiful young student has a pretty big cock herself! Nicole is still wearing her top, skirt, white stockings and black platform heels as her long, straight hardon gets sucked on.

Her long legs are amazingly gorgeous and she lies back on the sofa and opens them wide to accept a rim job. Nicole’s big dick that she’s stroking is hard enough to fuck her Professor, but she’s a submissive girl who’s in need of a strong, solid fucking by her dominant teacher. She looks up at him and nods that it’s okay for him to ease the length of his bare mammoth organ inside her tight ass.

The teacher and student stare into each other’s eyes and occasionally kiss while Christian steadily pumps in and out of her. Nicole’s long, hard cock lays against her tight tummy when she’s not beating off. Finally her top is off. Her chest is totally flat with the cutest tiny nipples.

Before turning Nicole over for a doggy style fucking, her sucks on her extra-long erection again and resumes banging her lovely ass hard. We can see her gaping when he pulls out briefly and then he rams it home again.

All Nicole is wearing as she’s raised to her feet are her stockings and heels. She looks ravishing with her long, flowing dark hair and long svelte form. Her big dick is more than ready to be sucked again before she takes a cowgirl pounding and one in reverse. Don’t miss this torrid bareback session with gorgeous Nicole Osman and Christian XXX of and his new killer bareback all trans website!

Presenting Meika Kuroki….

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery 

Terry presents the debut of 20-year old Meika Kuroki in a bold, confident scene that makes it seem like she’s been modeling for producers for ages. That’s because she’s a popular AV actress in Japan who works at Club Diamond Shinjuku. Seeing her dressed in casual wear and stripping out of it, I see no signs of her being particularly kinky. But she loves BDSM and soap play. After lowering her short-shorts, Meika begins rubbing the bulge in her tiny thong that exposes her smooth, hairless ball sack. She lowers the garment while showing off her cute little ass. While she spreads her butt cheeks, although you can only see a bit of it, you can see that her cock is already stiff. Then she’s standing before you with her top, bra and tall heels on, stroking her erection firmly. The shaft is thick and capped by a bulbous, glossy head. When she releases her boner, it stands at attention and Meika’s hormone-induced boobs seem to be quite sensitive. She rubs them through her top while beating off slowly. Meika’s masturbation session continues with her laying back on a chair with her feet propped on an ottoman. I don’t know if it’s the angle Terry captures her hardon in with his closeup footage, but Meika’s cock looks enormous when fully erect. I know it’s not really huge, but it’s obviously quite a mouthful. Just after about three quarters of the scene, she’s standing again naked except for her pink pumps. I can see why Meika Kuroki is already so popular.

You can watch Meika's Free Trailer on
You can watch Meika’s Free Trailer on

Pure-TS: Lena Jade Is Sexy And She Knows It

Hot new webcam starlet Lena Jade is a real stunner, especially in a skirt. She teases Christian before getting down on her knees to suck his big dick. Watch him put her through the paces and she loves every second of it on The facial at the end is nice touch too!

Christian XXX is chillin’ in a chair when Lena Jade approaches him wearing a sexy schoolgirl outfit. She notices the big bulge in his jeans, asks if it’s for her and sits on his lap when he responses affirmatively. With her back facing him as she grinds her pantied ass on his lap, she asks, “Are you gonna fuck me?” Of course he is, but first he bares her pretty hormone breasts and reaches beneath her tartan plaid skirt to get at gorgeous, heavy cum shooter’s panties.

He releases her stiffening cock and she tells him directly that she wants him to fuck her. But he wants a taste of her pre-cum oozing cock first, so he stands her up and begins giving her head. Soon Lena’s dick is as stiff as it can get and it’s raging hard as he kneels on the floor, withdrawing his own cock. Christian stands up to kiss Lena and his huge tool is standing up too. Lena gives him a handjob for a few moments, then sinks to her knees to give him a blowjob.

She doesn’t mind gagging on his prick a bit or having her head held in place for an aggressive skull fucking. Lena also doesn’t mind receiving a rim job afterwards. This act gets her curvy ass perfectly primed to receive a good hard doggy style ramming.

One moment Lena is getting railed with her hands held behind her back while she’s ass up on the chair. The next position she gets her wide butt pummeled is in the missionary position. At one point she’s totally gaping from being stretched so widely.

Lena also takes a cowgirl ride on Christian’s massive member. Her skirt is off and her high-heeled feet are on the floor as she jousts up and down on his bare schlong. She takes a side saddle banging, then strokes her cock during the reverse cowgirl bounce.

Lena is so turned on and while she pumps her hard dick furiously, big spurts of cum blast out from the tip of her swollen cock head! She squeezes out every last drop of creamy white spunk with Christian’s big rod fully embedded within her.

“I want you to cum in my mouth,” Lena moans while allowing Christian to drill her tight ass again until he’s ready to climax. She hops to the floor just in time to stick her tongue out and catch his big load. Lean greedily laps up the cum she couldn’t manage to catch in her mouth and her pretty face is covered in cream by the end of this torrid update.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Christian’s New Site is Now Open!!!


Sandy in Handjob and Slutwear Creampie

Scene Trailers
Scene Trailers 

5’7 (170cm), 123lbs (56kg) Thai trans beauty Sandy sits barefoot in a bikini with her pretty nipples exposed when this begins. Her English is a little broken when she says that she loves big cock, but I can’t imagine anyone who would mind. When she stands up, her cock is already stiff and she strokes it firmly, telling us how horny she is.

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery 

She lowers her bikini bottom to expose her full, curvy ass and gives it a hard spank. When she kneel down, another stiff cock is revealed, belonging to a man who lies on his back. Sandy is well hung, but this man’s white cock is massive. Sandy jerks it off with one hand and then two adding oil to the long shaft and swollen head. Although she strokes that erection as hard as she can to make it climax, it’s not working. So Sandy stands up with her bikini bottom now off and points her ass in its direction. 

After giving the stud a lap dance, she goes back to furiously stroking that huge dick again. This time her magic works and she forces out the man’s creamy white cum! Although Sandy doesn’t actually give the man a blowjob, she does crave the taste of his cum. The mystery man she just brought off happens to belong to Christian XXX of Pure-TS. I’d know that schlong anywhere. But we’re not done yet! Another scene makes this seem like an erotic bonus with Sandy wearing a fishnet mini dress. Her stiff cock hangs out from below the hem and she models enticingly, showing off every delicious angle of her body. We hear the voice of another man saying how he’s going to cum inside her. Wearing just her tall sandals and that lewd version of a dress, Sandy moves to the bed to suck the new mystery man’s cock! It’s not as long as Christian’s but it’s thick and beautiful, too. After this stud gets his hard boner sucked to his content, he fucks Sandy bareback doggy style. Then we get to see her jerking off her hardon while she’s getting railed while on her back! The head of Sandy’s erection shoots a big load of creamy white cum across her flat tummy. It continues to stand up and jiggle as the man bangs her tight ass harder. He cums inside her and then we see the new creampie. Check out for more scene trailers from various genres.

More Trailers and Photos on from the Layboy Gold Network
More Trailers and Photos on from the Layboy Gold Network

Gorgeous Addi Jacks Off and Cums!

Beautiful Addi's Hot Bubble Butt! Sample Gallery
Beautiful Addi’s Hot Bubble Butt! Sample Gallery 

I had a feeling we might see Addi on Shemale Yum someday and here we are with a follow-up as well. “Beautiful Addi’s Hot Bubble Butt!” is her debut on the longest running adult transgender website. But the last time I raved about Addi was in June of 2016. It was about her “Introducing Addi by Omar” debut on Femout.XXX and one of her live performances on Going back in time a bit to Femout.XXX, her description reads, “I’m Addi, MTF transgender recently coming out to the world, I told my parents and friends. I love feel feminine. It is relaxing. I’m currently 22 in the South and struggling with trying to make to commitment to be a full-time girl. I need to figure it out its seriously complicated my life… but in the mean time, I’ll practice getting pretty as I can. I like cute stuff and adrenaline rushes and making myself look and be the best I can be, also my family. Anything interesting or different about you:I like to help where I can and use my skill set given by God to do so, whether that’s helping better my community or help others understand themselves better and to inspire everyone to be a better person and as honest and true to themselves as possible, by leading by example. .. actions speak louder than words. – hobbies: looking sexy, working on transitioning, being a music nerd, motivating my friends to get off their assessed do something with themselves, being a creative genius, making nothing into something, making my dreams non fiction, having a vision /goal and making it happen. .. and I can do some crazy shit on a skateboard. Sexual Preferences: girls, trans girls. Dudes are ehhh probably why I don’t want to be one haha, so I guess pansexual. Background: I don’t fuck with America. I get it straight off the boat, Canada for life… Kid Cudi and Young Thug are musical geniuses, etc.”

In her first Shemale Yum shoot with Omar, Addi poses adorably in a Pokémon outfit and her movements become increasingly erotic. Addi has an ass that won’t quit and seems to realize this is one of her body’s best features. It’s pretty much the focus of attention as she goes through her striptease. She uses a round table as her prop while removing her top, shorts and panties. Her butt show becomes more explicit with a little finger banging and gaping. She then removes her long socks leaving her completely nude. Addi makes her cock grow harder and harder when she moves to a chair to get more comfortable. 

In “Gorgeous Addi Jacks Off And Cums!” Addi stands by the bed in a remarkable full frontal view, the turns around and wiggles her hot ass while wearing a sexy schoolgirl outfit. She begins stripping a bit up top then crawls across the bed like a cat. She pulls back the cups of her lime green brassiere and roughly fondles her succulent looking tits. The she removes her bra and the skirt comes off next.

Addi is the first person to tell you that her ass is her body’s best feature. She doesn’t hold back with providing explicit views of it. She stretches her long legs across the bed in a variety of positions and flexes her dainty bare feet like a dancer. Then she finger bangs her exquisite bottom with multiple digits. Once completely nude except for her little tie and collar, Addi finds a long dildo to play with. She simulates fellatio with it, then starts pounding her ass with the toy! Next, Addi rides the big faux cock giving us a devastating rear view of this lewd act. She moans loudly and continues fucking it while facing us. Addi strokes her cock frantically while humping up and down on the plastic dick. Then she lays back and continues pumping her erection and pumping her hot, tight ass at the same time. Addi’s impending climax builds in a way that lets you know exactly when you can cum with her! She’s louder that ever when her raging hard cock sends streams of cum across her flat tummy. Then as her orgasm begins to subside, Addi waves cutely and says goodbye.

Once completely nude except for her little tie and collar, Addi finds a long dildo to play with. She simulates fellatio with it, then starts pounding her ass with the toy! Next, Addi rides the big faux cock giving us a devastating rear view of this lewd act. She moans loudly and continues fucking it while facing us. Addi strokes her cock frantically while humping up and down on the plastic dick. Then she lays back and continues pumping her erection and pumping her hot, tight ass at the same time. Addi’s impending climax builds in a way that lets you know exactly when you can cum with her! She’s louder that ever when her raging hard cock sends streams of cum across her flat tummy. Then as her orgasm begins to subside, Addi waves cutely and says goodbye. You can watch the Free Trailer on

Pure-TS: Amateur Cutie Gita Marie Meets her Favorite Porn Actor

Gita Marie is a super cute TS from Florida. She is in Vegas with friends for a little vacation, and while she is her, she figures why not hit up Christian, her favorite porn actor, and see if he wants to her tight ass. He shows up to her hotel room ready willing and able to give her EXACTLY what she wants. A fucking experience that she will NEVER forget. The anal creampie at the end is the icing on the cake!

I’m a 5’11” trans woman, but one look at stunning Gita Marie Figueroa tells me she could most likely kick my ass. This hot chick is an aspiring MMA fighter so that doesn’t make me feel so bad. I have no interest in ever trying to fight her anyway. If I had the chance to meet her, I’m sure I could come up with something far less dangerous to do. But this isn’t about me and what I’d like to do. It’s all about a seriously power-packed Pure-TS bareback fucking.

Gita is laying in bed unaware that Christian is standing behind her most likely contemplating the fun things he’s about to get to do with her. It comes off like a boyfriend/girlfriend scenario when she greets him and they start kissing. The Floridian brickhouse-built babe is already topless when Christian nuzzles his face between the protuberant mounds of her ass cheeks. Gita moans out her pleasure and she’s moved onto her back for this rimjob to continue.

Gita is on the floor on her knees when Christian with draws his massive cock. She jerks off the part of his length she can’t manage into her mouth while commenting on how good it tastes. This action is filmed in profile and POV footage. After a forceful blowjob, he helps her up by the air and spanks her sexy bare ass as she straddles the bed. “Fuck me deep, baby,” she murmurs as he powers his big tool in and out of her tight ass bareback. She also purrs obscenities in Spanish.

The petite bodybuilder is pounded in the missionary position next while she strokes her cock. Her full round ass is displayed magnificently in the cowgirl position and then she takes a reverse cowgirl railing. Her dick looks extra special bobbing and swinging this way and that and she starts beating off again. A creampie ending wraps up this tremendous Pure-TS bareback scene.

Chanel Santini & Danny Get Turned On

Free Trailer on Shemale.Porn
Free Trailer on Shemale.Porn

There’s what I consider somewhat of a bonus for you in the hardcore video on Shemale.Porn with Chanel Santini and Danny – the solo masturbation footage. About 15 minutes into the scene, after she’s been soundly railed by cute Danny’s big dick, it’s one-on-one with this svelte Las Vegas fox from!

More specifically, she’s lying back playing with her freshly-fucked rosebud and jacking her big, swollen cock while lying back on the sofa. On top of that, she’s butt naked and photographer Omar Wax captures every lovely inch of her magnificently. This video could actually have been split in two. Chanel gives you everything while posing in a variety of positions and interacting verbally. If you’re hoping to see her swollen cockhead shooting big streams of cum, you’re gonna get that, too.

Back to the opening of the scene, it’s a story driven one. Chanel is in the living room and Danny is in the bedroom beating his meat through his shorts while fantasizing about her. Chanel quickly enters the bedroom to see what he’s doing and catches him sniffing her panties. Unphased and flattered, Chanel leads Danny to the kitchen, sinks to her knees and pulls his shorts down. What a hung new male stud we have here and a beautiful, newbie on a meteoric rise sucking on his massive cock. Soon, Chanel is spanking her ass and Danny is too before his fucking begins in this instant classic Shemale.Porn hardcore scene. You can watch her live performances on where registration is free! Watch the Free Trailer of this scene on Shemale.Porn.

Ladyboy-Ladyboy: Beautiful Nam Gets Fucked Hard!

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery

Photographer VC films Nam of Bangkok by laying of the bed herself at first. She speaks English well and says that her name means water. The 20 year old’s top and bra are on when this hardcore Ladyboy-Ladyboy scene begins, but her large set off balls is peeking out of her camo short-shorts. She says she likes white guys and the last time she had sex with one was yesterday, so here we go again. Nam’s open-toe pumps are still on when she pulls her shorts on to show off what was still hidden. Nam begins stroking her uncut cock and stands up to show off her bare bottom. It’s extremely firm and next thing you know, her partner is laying on the bed beside her. Perhaps it’s the British guy she had sex with the day before. She teases him once his big hard prick is released from his shorts by kissing his tight abs first. Then she licks the shaft and swirls her tongue around the head. He groans deeply when Nam begins to deep throat his raging hard cock. I wouldn’t have thought that she’d be able to suck the guy’s dick all the way to the base, but she does it. Once fully naked, Nam strokes her fully erect cock while giving the guy head. Within 17 minutes, Nam is in the doggy style position when the cute guy drives his huge cock inside her tightness. This dude really gives Nam a powerful railing and she strokes her boner frantically while getting fucked. Nam can hang with his jackhammer pile driver and missionary position thrusts, however. Nam accepts his furious cum shot with her pretty mouth wide open.

You can watch the Free Trailer on Ladyboy-Ladyboy
You can watch the Free Trailer on Ladyboy-Ladyboy

Teen Temptress Rin Shinonome!

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery 

An encore display Shemale Japan producers and members have all been very excited about is live with divine young Tokyo starlet Rin Shinonome captured by Terry. 19 year old scorcher Rin got our hearts racing in her intro set last month and she returns to pick up right where she left off – bare naked and begging for it in this unmissable scene. Rin Shinonome is a beautiful new-half from Hyogo Prefecture, now living in Osaka. She enjoys watching movies, anime, reading, and listening to music. Rin is bottom and she likes roleplay and she wears a daytime maid’s uniform in her follow-up video and photo set. Terry’s upskirt footage reveals that she’s wearing no panties underneath. Her butt cheeks are nice and plump and the bulbous head of her cock is moist with pre-cum. With a serene look on her pretty face, Rin flicks her stiff dick with her fingers and makes it wag back and forth on its own. She strokes it firmly for a few moments and it stands straight out at us as she takes a seat. When she rises again, Rin’s turgid erection holds up the hem of her costume. She gives us a tantalizing rear view of the cute ass she loves having fucked and her top comes off soon after. Rin massages her favored hormone induced breast and is soon stripped down to her cute leggings and shoes. Her cock is so hard at this point it stands with the head straining toward the ceiling! For those who love bare legs or have a thing for sexy feet, Rin removes everything for admiration and lust from head to toe.

You can watch her Free Scene Trailer on
You can watch her Free Scene Trailer on

Boss in Beautiful Bikini Bareback

MP4 Gallery
MP4 Gallery

The camera pans from the floor where a pair of cute and sexy bare feet rest, up to a tell-tale bulge in a bikini panty, the bikini top and the beautiful face of Boss on the Ladyboy Gold website.

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery

She immediately exposes her nipples and runs circles around them with her finger tips. “Beautiful Bikini Bareback” is the name of this hardcore scene with a hung mystery man that’s also on Ladyboy Tube that comes with the subscription as Ladyboy Gold is a network, not just a website. Ladyboy Gold features six exclusive updates every week of the sexiest, horniest trans girls in Asia. Boss’s lovely, soft feminine body is fucked big a giant POV cock and mouth filled with sperm. Boss has a colorful bikini on her all-natural body. Boss’s bikini bottoms start to bulge with throbbing girl-cock. Her cock pops from the top of the string bikini and Boss drops to knees to service a big POV dick. The cock is so big Boss needs both hands to grip it. Boss’s beautiful eyes peer up and she loves being a submissive cocksucker.

Boss kneels on the bed with her ass in the air, awaiting penetration. Her buns are oiled up and the bareback cock sinks slowly all the way inside. It gives a chance for her anal passage way to fully stretch allowing for maximum pleasure. Boss is fucked missionary next and a great view down at her creamy soft body and bare feet while being fucked. Boss holds her buns open to show her asshole gaping. She gets on her knees again for an ass-to-mouth blowjob then rides reverse cowgirl and cowgirl. Boss is riding and looking right at you when she cums. It’s a huge sticky pop shot, incredible that such a feminine dick-girl can push out so much sperm. Boss is in bliss and wants to taste the POV guys cum. She opens her mouth and eyes roll back in her head while getting her creamy meal of jizz. The mystery man in the video whose face is never shown is the world’s most prolific male performer, Christian XXX of Pure-TS.

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TS Playground Marjay, Scene #01

MP4 Trailer
MP4 Trailer

TS Playground newbie Marjay sits on the bed, bares her little boobs and diddles a nipple in the beginning of her debut scene. Then she rolls to her side and reveals her tiny wrinkled rosebud before she even gets her panties all the way off. Her cock is already stiff when she gets them off, however. She can’t seem to stop smiling cutely while she strokes her erection. Marjay looks giddy with excitement as she stands up to jump up and down on the mattress with her boner bouncing. When she stops moving and clasps her fingers firmly around her hardon, clear beads of pre-cum ooze from the tip.

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery

Next, Marjay sinks down to her knees on the bed, squeezed her tits hard and makes her stiff dick throb and bounce slightly in the air. Then she delivers an hands and knees rear gaping view before facing the camera and resuming her fap session. She’s up on her feet again and back to laying across the bed. The way her uncut schlong throbs, it almost looks as if it’s going to spurt hands free. What happens next is ironic to me because this erotic magic almost literally happens.

Flash Trailer
Flash Trailer

Marjay jacks her cock furiously for a few moments and when she releases it, streams of cum blast from its tip. You gotta love a sweet, horny young girl who gets so excited that it takes little effort for her to reach orgasm. This TS Playground video has what I like to think of a kinky bonus ending. Marjay is in the bathtub with her cock still raging hard. But instead of making herself cum again, she releases a clear stream of pee in high arcs before waving goodbye.

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