Miss Zara – Jerk to My Feet – The English Mansion

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“Thought you could hide under my bed and spy in my shoes and feet did you? Well, I know I look wonderful in these stilettos and my sexy stockings, while you are down on the floor maybe you could assist me. My feet need to be worshipped, take my shoes off and let me feel your tongue, I am so sweaty after wearing them all day. You are doing such a good job, I think I may take some more clothes off, look at your cock, it’s getting so hard, put you hand on it, let me see you jerk off in front of me, you foot pervert!” In her bedroom at The English Mansion, beautiful Miss Zara is sitting at the edge of the bed dangling a shiny red heel from her high-arched foot when she discovers you creeping underneath her bed. After worshipping her high heel and full-fashioned stockings, you’re going to have to worship her stocking feet also. How does it feel to be beneath Miss Zara’s pretty feet where you belong? You love seeing her walk on her mattress and padding across the floor, don’t you? Doesn’t that make your cock as hard as a rock? You can catch a glimpse beneath her skirt at her black panties. You can almost see her pussy lips. Her butt cheeks look so full and round as she unclasps the garters from her stocking tops. Is she really going to peel those stockings down her lovely legs and off her sweaty feet? How badly do you want to sniff, lick and pamper them? She’s stripping down to her bra and panties on the bed and her marvelous breasts are revealed. She’s even removing her panties! But her pretty feet are still so close to your face. Can you imagine running your cock across the soft surface of her soles? Do you think Miss Zara would let you cum on her beautiful feet? Miss Zara du Rose is a statuesque English redhead with the face of a beautiful doll but a body that’s all woman. She’s quite accomplished for her young age: she’s a fetish model who adores rubber; a UK porn star; and at home is a genuine ‘Bi Perve’ lifestyle switch. She’s been filmed as both young dom and sub to a Mistress, so you’ll get to see both her dominant and submissive sides. Find out what she’s all about at The English Mansion.

The English Mansion – Dominant Dolly – Tranny Cock Sucking

Dominant Dolly teaches her rubber doll how to please others, so she can be whored out. The rubber doll is forced to lick Dominant Dolly’s big bulge through her latex skirt and then through the latex pants beneath. What makes this English Mansion scene deliciously weird to me is that Dominant Dolly’s pretty face is masked. Masking isn’t the weird part to me. I’m just thinking we must be pretty kinky to want to see a nice face like that masked. One thing that doesn’t remain trapped in latex however is the Domme’s huge cock. It’s already stiff when she releases it, her smoothly shaven balls encircled by a metal ring. The rubber doll, with her big fake tits has a pretty large erection, too. Put in a stressful situation to start out with, she is soon compliantly sucking and licking as directed, even when the special lip gag is put in. Dominant Dolly torments the rubber doll’s stiff cock with her high heeled pump while jerking off before shoving her swollen dick back inside her mouth. It’s a good thing that the doll is such a good cock sucker. She’s rewarded with a big, creamy white facial and she thanks Dominant Dolly in humiliation for all that delicious cum at The English Mansion.

The English Mansion – Dominant Dolly – Mesmerized Cock Sucker

At The English Mansion, you’ll be taking your orders from Dominant Dolly today in a hypno-session. “You will listen to my voice, look at my stunning face and big, fat cock, as I relax you into the cock sucker that I want you to be. My beautiful tranny form will make your mouth water for the taste of my hot cum. Your tongue will be anticipating the taste. You will have no choice than to do as I say…”

The English Mansion: Boyfriend Caught Dressing

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Do you ever wonder how true to life some of the FemDom videos you watch are? Let me give you an example of how real things can be. Last week, I contacted my friend across the pond, Miss Jessica of jessicadee25. She just happened to be in chastity at the moment and this reminded me of her scene “Boyfriend Caught Dressing” featuring Mistress Sidonia on The English Mansion. The video reveals how Miss Jessica was punished by Mistress Sidonia after being caught dressing up in her daughter’s clothes. Miss Jessica was shocked to learn that her girlfriend’s mother was a Dominatrix, of course. The Mistress refers to Miss Jessica as “he” although the gorgeous submissive looks nothing like a guy while ball-gagged and harnessed and dressed in a tight rubber catsuit. Well maybe so if you consider the cock and ball device. Mistress Sidonia instructed Miss Jessica that the film of this discipline session would be stored in a safe in The English Mansion as a secret video diary. She was never to tell the daughter what occured with the stunning Domme. Miss Jessica’s taut pink balls looked like they were full of cum when, to her horror, she was told that she’d be in chastity for 48 hours. As part of my real story, when I spoke with Miss Jessica that morning, she told me that another Mistress had her in chastity for the rest of this weekend – a perfect example of life imitating art. For more FemDom fun, visit The English Mansion.

The English Mansion: Tiffany Play Doll

Domina Alexandra Snow is mix of Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and Native American – a strict Disciplinarian, a haughty goddess, and a sadistic Dominatrix who takes Tiffany Real Doll through the paces in “Tiffany Play Doll” on the English Mansion. She makes Tiffany spin around and bend over for inspection and show her what’s going on under her the hem of her pink dress. It’s an erection sticking out of her lace panties. But the Domina isn’t ready to deal with that yet. She applies polish to Tiffany’s nails and orders her not to move while they dry. Then she brushes the limp wristed doll and insults her for being a slutty little bimbo without a brain in her head. The beautiful Domme has Tiffany get on all fours, raises the hem of her dress over her full bottom, and makes her lick her high-heeled feet. After one heel is removed. Tiffany worships the Domina’s sexy bare foot and sucks on her pedicured toes. Tiffany’s big cock is raging in her panties with this humiliating task. Tiffany repeats the process on the other high-arched bare foot of her Dominatrix and then she’s made to stand up and fully expose her huge erection. Domina Snow collars Tiffany next and touches up her makeup. Later, she makes Tiffany bend over and pulls the panties she’s wearing down to expose her full, pretty ass. She administers a sound spanking over her knee. Once Tiffany’s ass matches the color of her pink outfit, she runs her fingers over the sub’s hard cock with a bare hand, then a black glove. From this point on, it’s all about orgasm denial. Her next handjob is without gloves. Tiffany’s ball sack is fully expanded and her big cock somehow manages to point straight up toward the ceiling. The Domina edges Tiffany until she finally decides it’s time for a milking. Finally, the hung panting bimbo slut is allowed to release a huge cumshot. Don’t miss this exquisite training session on The English Mansion.

Training The New Girl Pt 2 at The English Mansion

I went into the Fall of 2014 archives of The English Mansion and found the precious gem named “Training The New Girl Pt 2 of 4,” an exquisite session with Lady Nina Birch, Natalie with a sweet uncut pecker and Tiffany Real Doll, a submissive with the massive cock. Tiffany used to be someone’s husband, but this 12 year old house of training has made her a bimbo. Both subs get treated like totally mindless, bimbo fuck puppets in fact by The Lady. In Pt 2, Lady Nina brought out her Robojac milking machine and had both special girls performing oral sex on each other. I’ve massaged two subby dicks at the same time myself as a Domme. I’ve never done it with a vibrating machine, though. The more experienced Tiffany gave the better handjob. As Lady Nina said, Natalie could use some practice. After Tiffany got a taste of Natalie’s rod, both subs were tormented by motor-powered penis pump. Then Lady Nina petted Natialie’s pink hair while Tiffany dropped to her knees to suck on Natalie’s “clitoris” again. The moment of truth came when Tiffany took Natalie’s cherry with her big dick! Nat’s ass looked absolutley divine perched on the sofa as Tiffany stroked her panty snake to another full erection. Lady Nina penetrated Tiffany’s full, rounded ass while she pumped her cock in and out of the new sub. Afterwards the de-virginized bimbo slut made Tiffany cum under Lady Nina’s instructions. Poor little Natalie had a big sticky mess of creamy white cum on her lace gloves by the time her first day of training at The English Mansion came to an end.

The English Mansion – Spanked Sissy Footjob

American Goddess Lexi milks the cum out of her hung sissy’s cock with her pretty feet in “Spanked Sissy Footjob” on The English Mansion. The sissy is chastised and punished with threats of removal from service if she doesn’t try harder. A thorough OTK spanking is administered, first through the panties before moving onto the bare with hand and the strap. The, who has a nice lean form and cute, fuckable ass, is then permitted to worship Lexi’s beautiful, small feet, massaging and licking them. The sissy really gets into it like she has a foot fetish on top of her desire to be a good, dutiful servant. Luckily, she was allowed to jerk off with both hands with Goddess Lexi’s pretty pedicured toes in her mouth. This worship activity relaxes her enough to administer a complete milking with her feet. The reduction in swelling helps the placing of a strict chastity device on the sissy, as a reminder of her poor servitude. I’d give this scene an A+ if it the sissy’s cock was truly little. I love small cock humiliation on lesser hung submissives, but this cutie pie’s dick was too big for that. Otherwise, it’s the ultimate Femdom video on The English Mansion!

The English Mansion – Lady Nina’s Sex Puppets

Blonde beauty Lady Nina Birch treats redhead fox Lady Switch Zara to an afternoon of pleasure from her slave boy, leading them outside The English Mansion for some sexy games. She wants them to put on a dirty show, which she will be directing and supervising. She soon has them fondling and licking each other, cock sucking and pussy eating before she rests slavegirl Zara du Rose’s head on her lap and orders slaveboy to fuck her until she climaxes. Lady Nina then directs Zara to give a slow sensual handjob ruining his orgasm at the last second so her knows his place at the bottom of the pile. The HD quality of the video is rapier sharp. I never quite get over the beauty of the dominatrix and the switch, but the slave boy is mysteriously gorgeous as well. I enjoyed watching his cock expand to a full erection as he kneeled and played with Zara’s large breasts at Lady Nina’s direction. Listening to the Lady going into detail about Zara sucking the shiny slave’s cock is erotic as watching it. The 69 footage is scorching hot and the fucking is exquisite! I almost felt sorry for the way the slave boy was forced to cum. Zara jacked him off while Lady Nina scratched his taut balls. The sexy gimp had to shoot his spunk after Zara released her hand. That must have been tortuous! Don’t miss Lady Nina’s Sex Puppets on The English Mansion.

The English Mansion – Neighbour’s Lacy Humiliation

With Fetish Liza’s husband feminized and dressed up in pretty lace, she promises him sex if he makes amends for being rude to their neighbor. The Domme phones Lady Nina and invites her over for suitable retribution. Natasha, the husband, does’t believe his wife until the Lady shows up at the door! Adding to his humiliation, the women order shoe worship as they conspire their plan to get Natasha back in line. They give him a double spanking and then a hard fucking with a big strapon as his wife encourages his submission. Pleased with his progress, he is then allowed to lick his wife’s pussy and fuck her until she cums. Then he then has to stand in front of them, giving a sexy show as he masturbates and cums, totally humiliated, broken and fulfilled. I learned a lot from these gorgeous Dommes as a lifestyle Mistress. What I discovered on my own without their help was how much I’d love to have hubby Natasha sucking my real cock. He has a great body, including an ass to die for and a long, beautiful cock! I envied him for getting to fuck Fetish Liza and fantasized fucking him silly as he did it. I also loved the way Lady Nina railed him with her super-long strapon dildo! Watch this hung, feminize husband get feminized and dominated by two amazing Mistresses in “Neighbor’s Lacy Humiliation” on The English Mansion. Natasha’s big cumshot spurting from his huge, uncut cock is everything!

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Inside Mistress Sidonia von Bork’s domain are unique female domination fantasy stories based on women’s secret sexual desires. Watch real sessions of Mistresses and Prodoms who love abusing & humiliating their slaves with CBT, NT, CP, strapons and WS. See dominant women sexually use and turn men into their playthings and sex slaves.

Plus domestic femdom situations with dominant wives cuckolding and keeping their husbands in chastity or enforced feminization dressing them as TVs to serve them at The English Mansion.

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In “2 Arses 2 Lick” I’m not sure what turns me on more, the two Mistresses or the amazing cock of their submissive.

In “A Date With Her Feet” a submissive guy kisses, licks and sucks a hot dominant woman’s sexy feet and toes for the first time.

In “Kiana’s Tie ‘n’ Tease, a pale white slave submits to his beautiful black owner and ends up cumming across her high-arched feet.

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Inside Mistress Sidonia von Bork’s domain are unique female domination fantasy stories based on women’s secret sexual desires. Watch real sessions of Mistresses and Prodoms who love abusing and humiliating their slaves with CBT, NT, CP, strapons and WS. See dominant women sexually use and turn men into their playthings and sex slaves. Plus domestic femdom situations with dominant wives cuckolding and keeping their husbands in chastity or enforced feminization dressing them as TVs to serve them at The English Mansion.