TheEnglishMansion: Queen Takes Pawn

Mistress Sidonia has her slave ready for use on the bondage bed, making him lick her beautiful shoes, then shoving her nylon feet into the foot whore’s mouth. Mistress is control of his senses, using a latex re-breathe hood as she ties his nipples tightly with thread and then torments them. His cock is teased and then cropped. “Queen Takes Pawn” is a 35+ masterpiece split into five delectible parts. It also the Top Movie this month on The Queen of Everything, Sidonia, plays 4D chess on this poor man’s mind as she torments his body. As the video begins, Mistress Sidonia looks exquisite as she swats the man’s sizeable boner with her riding crop.

Her curves are accentuated by a sheer outfit that reveals her center of the world, and the slave is bound on a dungeon bed by his wrists and ankles. He’s forced to suck the narrow heel of her tall platforms until she decides to stab at his nipples with them, making him whimper in pain. Then he’s made to suck her perfectly pedicured red toes. She unstraps one of her heels and releases it from her stockinged high-arched foot for a more complete foot worshiping session. Then she alternates the process with both feet. She’s even kind enough, or mean enough to torment his stiff cock with her dainty feet, depending on how you look at things.

She even kicks his balls and I think he likes it! Mistress Sidonia sits on her slave and then lays beside him and applies glass pumps to his nipples while his erection bobs and lurches. Then his nips end up extended like his stiff dick! In the next sequence, his poor balls are tied up and his cock is still throbbing hard. Now I’ve just described the first half of the complete film and the level of this slave’s torture is only beginning.

Miss Zara – Jerk to My Feet – The English Mansion

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“Thought you could hide under my bed and spy in my shoes and feet did you? Well, I know I look wonderful in these stilettos and my sexy stockings, while you are down on the floor maybe you could assist me. My feet need to be worshipped, take my shoes off and let me feel your tongue, I am so sweaty after wearing them all day. You are doing such a good job, I think I may take some more clothes off, look at your cock, it’s getting so hard, put you hand on it, let me see you jerk off in front of me, you foot pervert!” In her bedroom at The English Mansion, beautiful Miss Zara is sitting at the edge of the bed dangling a shiny red heel from her high-arched foot when she discovers you creeping underneath her bed. After worshipping her high heel and full-fashioned stockings, you’re going to have to worship her stocking feet also. How does it feel to be beneath Miss Zara’s pretty feet where you belong? You love seeing her walk on her mattress and padding across the floor, don’t you? Doesn’t that make your cock as hard as a rock? You can catch a glimpse beneath her skirt at her black panties. You can almost see her pussy lips. Her butt cheeks look so full and round as she unclasps the garters from her stocking tops. Is she really going to peel those stockings down her lovely legs and off her sweaty feet? How badly do you want to sniff, lick and pamper them? She’s stripping down to her bra and panties on the bed and her marvelous breasts are revealed. She’s even removing her panties! But her pretty feet are still so close to your face. Can you imagine running your cock across the soft surface of her soles? Do you think Miss Zara would let you cum on her beautiful feet? Miss Zara du Rose is a statuesque English redhead with the face of a beautiful doll but a body that’s all woman. She’s quite accomplished for her young age: she’s a fetish model who adores rubber; a UK porn star; and at home is a genuine ‘Bi Perve’ lifestyle switch. She’s been filmed as both young dom and sub to a Mistress, so you’ll get to see both her dominant and submissive sides. Find out what she’s all about at The English Mansion.

The English Mansion – Lady Nina’s Sex Puppets

Blonde beauty Lady Nina Birch treats redhead fox Lady Switch Zara to an afternoon of pleasure from her slave boy, leading them outside The English Mansion for some sexy games. She wants them to put on a dirty show, which she will be directing and supervising. She soon has them fondling and licking each other, cock sucking and pussy eating before she rests slavegirl Zara du Rose’s head on her lap and orders slaveboy to fuck her until she climaxes. Lady Nina then directs Zara to give a slow sensual handjob ruining his orgasm at the last second so her knows his place at the bottom of the pile. The HD quality of the video is rapier sharp. I never quite get over the beauty of the dominatrix and the switch, but the slave boy is mysteriously gorgeous as well. I enjoyed watching his cock expand to a full erection as he kneeled and played with Zara’s large breasts at Lady Nina’s direction. Listening to the Lady going into detail about Zara sucking the shiny slave’s cock is erotic as watching it. The 69 footage is scorching hot and the fucking is exquisite! I almost felt sorry for the way the slave boy was forced to cum. Zara jacked him off while Lady Nina scratched his taut balls. The sexy gimp had to shoot his spunk after Zara released her hand. That must have been tortuous! Don’t miss Lady Nina’s Sex Puppets on The English Mansion.