St Mackenzie’s Wannabe Lucy-Anne

At St Mackenzie’s, good behavior is optional, definitely not required. This is the most unruly institute of learning in England and on the web, Known for it debauchery, anarchy and deprivation. This is top notch erotic fantasy, set within a fictional English girls school – St. Mackenzie’s Institute of Learning. It features a bevy of British girls, the crème de la crème pulled from the UK glamour scene. Mackenzie the Headmistress describes what’s going on here with this super sexy student, “Lucy-Anne is alone in her classroom, she is getting used to being at St Margaret’s although she still wishes she was a St Mackenzie’s girl. She is wearing the official St Margaret’s uniform because all girls must wear correct uniform at all times! However this doesn’t stop Lucy-Anne having the cheek to strip off all her uniform in class!”