Pachisi by The Madame (The Keyhole Sessions)

Pachisi by The Madame (of The Keyhole Sessions), was awarded Sexiest Short at the 2015 Feminist Porn Awards,Best Sex at Hump! Fest 2015, Selected Film at Pornotopia, Albuquerque, NM, and Selected Film at Hump! Fest 2015 Portland, OR and Seattle, WA. Working with a macro budget $200 and accessible consumer-grade recording technology, The Madame shoots her videos using an iPhone. (iPornography anyone?) Her last film was No Artificial Sweeteners in 2014. A few years ago, the idea of shooting a high-quality porn film on your cellphone would have been impossible. Flash forward to 2013, and a movie called Because I Want You To Watch is recognized by the Feminist Porn Awards‘ Golden Beaver Award for Canadian Content. Directed by Keyhole Sessions visionary The Madame, the video pushed the DIY porn genre deep into the technium. Spurred by its success, The Madame produced two more: Drips, Clicks, Squirts and No Artificial Sweeteners. At the 2014 Feminist Porn Awards, the later won the competitive honor as Best Short. Pachisi shows what kinds of games can be played between lovers. And who comes out the winner.

Lesbian Forest Voyeurs

Ava and Felix are on a date, hiking in the redwoods. They find a tree to fool around behind, making out, grabbing each others ass’s, when they spot Maggie and Nikki on a date of their own. Ava and Felix get turned on watching Maggie and Nikki kiss, fondle and lick each others assholes and counts and play with themselves behind a tree. Nikki uses a glass toy on Maggie before strapping on a dick and fucking her hard from behind, She pulls her hair, calls her a dirty girl and forces her pussy soaked fingers into her mouth. Then Maggie makes Nikki cum with her fingers and mouth, all the while Ava and Felix are watching. Enjoy the preview from Pink & White Productions – The Hot Bed of Queer Sexual Cinema.