Land of Venus

I love what Land of Venus has been doing for several years – featuring strong women as seen on ESPN and in your favorite muscle magazines! NPC and IFBB Female Bodybuilders, Fitness and Figure competitors NUDE. They’re also featuring pro Dommes like Skylar Rene, Playboy model “Muscle Barbie” Wendy Rider, and IFBB Pro Figure Competitor Sheila Rock and Amanda Folstad who won the heavyweight division at the Excalibur Figure & Bodybuilding Show. having sex with a male bodybuilder. Ironically, when Amanda started out in figure competition, she was told that she was too muscular and too lean. Land of Venus travels the country finding and shooting your favorite muscle girls, from the pro’s and national level to the hardbody at your local gym.  They’re now featuring Dommes, too with thousands of photos and videos of the ladies you want to see – NUDE.

The gorgeous and talented photographer, bodybuilder and webmaster Hope Well presents NPC Figures Shari Yates, Melissa Dettweiller,  certified personal fitness trainer and model Kortney Olsen, IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Angela Salvagno, NPC Figures Leann George and Brandi Akers, Pro Fitness Competitor, Actress, Wrestler and the National Level Bodybuilder Amanda Folstad NUDE!

If you’d like to see more, just enter the Land of Venus!