TS Chelsea Marie and Bella Wilde

The October 24 TS Pussy Hunters update on Kink.com compares TS Chelsea Marie to another hot transsexual by the name of Mandy Mitchell whom we’ve seen on this amazing website in “Going At it: Mandy Mitchell and Amber Rayne Fucking“. They have similar bodies and love sex with genetic females, men and other transsexuals. In this scenario, Bella Wilde stares at the nude model for her art class and she just can not focus on her work. It’s not the nakedness that is distracting her, or the model’s tits or beautiful mouth. It’s Chelsea’s cock that Bella can see poking out between her sexy legs.

Bella starts to dream about that cock hard and in her mouth. I studied at The School of the Museum of Fine Art, Boston and drew and painted several beautiful nude models. If I’d had one like Chelsea Marie, I’d have fantasized sucking her big cock, too (as well as tasting and fucking Bella’s pretty pussy). 

We enter Bella’s fantasy world where she slips Chelsea Marie’s giant cock into her wet pussy and rides her until she cums. And her day dream doesn’t stop there, Chelsea stretches Bella’s ass and fucks her balls deep while Bella rubs her clit and cums again.  Chelsea’s creamy, thick load of cum covers Bella’s tits and tummy in an intense finish to this hot update.

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Venus Lux and Bella Wilde

I loved Bella Wilde with Tiffany Starr which was Bella’s first time getting fucked by a transsexual. Knowing hot she was already, I was glad to see her again in the new 38 minute TS Pussy Hunters film with Venus Lux. Both ladies are butt naked after the latex comes off and the sex is bareback. Venus makes the perfect dominatrix while fucking Bella’s pussy in rope suspension and buzzing a huge black vibrator against her swollen clit. Venus fucks Bella’s tight ass, too! They go through position changes until after the doggy style railing, Venus spurts a huge load of cum across Bella’s gorgeous ass.

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Tiffany Starr and Katja Kassin on TS Pussy Hunters

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There is tension in the room. Tension that both women are trying to ignore, waiting for the other one to make the move, to say the thing that will lead to a kiss, or more…But that just will not happen because both girls are too shy to say what they want. Instead they both fantasize about what it they want to do to each other.

Katja Kassin ties Tiffany up, sucks on her hard cock until she is close to cumming. So close it hurts and Katja knows it. She denies Tiffany in a painful teasing game where her cock is just out of reach of Katja’s wet pussy.

When Tiffany dreams off of fucking Katja she is buried balls deep in Katja’s ass, exploding a load so hot and big Katja is just as surprised as she is turned on. Back and forth the game continues in their minds – Tiffany tied up getting fucked by Katja’s Strap-on. Katja tied up getting rammed by Tiffany’s cock. Orgasm denial, hardcore fucking and switch play and in the fantasy world of these two women.

Joanna Jet and Bonnie Day

“Tied Up Bonnie Made To Suck TS Cock”? Actually, Bonnie Day is made to take one of the Internet’s most legendary transsexual cocks in the adult industry in her ass, too! Joanna’s cum shot at the end says it all – a massive load from a day of hot bondage fucking. This 33 minute TS Pussy Hunters members favorite movie can be streamed, downloaded in its entirety or in 6 parts from Kink Unlimited with our Kink.com 30% off special offer! 

TS Pussy Hunters offers a dash of BDSM and a main course of hardcore as dominant transsexuals take control of sexy young genetic females. This might give you the impression that there is only one pussy hunter here, but in fact there are dozens of sexy hot transsexuals looking for quim and the action, which includes bondage and D/s is likely to send you over the edge. Also visit The official joannajet.com Website!

Venus Lux and Caprice Capone on TS Pussy Hunters

I’ve just seen the 38 minute TS Pussy Hunters bareback movie on Kink.com with Venus Lux and Caprice Capone and I just had to save it for keeps! You can get it with my 30% off break on all 30 channels. 

To pass the intergalactic time, Venus and Caprice study Earth’s culture in hopes to understand the species before they crash land on their tiny planet. Girls with cocks? Bondage and fucking machines? Earthlings are kinkier than these two expected. Their sexual practices are curious and arousing to the two hot latex aliens, and so to pass the light years.

Venus takes charge of Caprice and fucks her pussy with her cock.

The Kink producers cross-reference their amazing solo and lesbian Fucking Machines website by introducing one of these contraptions into the film. But when you have a woman with a powerful cock like Venus Lux, that’s really unnecessary.  

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TS Pussy Hunters – Tiffany Starr and Aria Austin

TS Tiffany Starr is one of my all-time transsexual porn stars. I’ve recently updated our interview. She’s been spending most of her time in Texas lately and that’s where Aria Austin is from. Their 36 minute movie is one of the hottest yet at the new TS Pussy Hunters website.

The action starts after a brief interview of this sexy pair in a loud nightclub. Aria is stroking Tiffany’s stiff cock beneath the table. Even though there are passersby, Aria bends down to give her a blowjob. They find a secluded area where Tiffany eats Aria’s pussy and fucks every orifice bareback until she blasts a huge load of cum on her perfect ass and rosebud. Download the full-length film at TSPussyHunters.com and visit TiffanyStarrXXX.com for more! 

Honey FoXXX and Angelina Valentine

Honey stuffs her nine inch cock deep into Angelina’s greedy pussy and pounds cum soaked orgasms out of her.

It’s a match made in biker dungeon hell today for Honey FoXXX and Angelina Valentine. Honey doesn’t say much. She lets her big cock do the talking as she pounds it deep into Angelina’s hungry snatch and cums in Angelina’s mouth. Download the 29 minute film at TS Pussy Hunters and visit the Official Angelina Valentine Website to see her with men, other women and more hot transsexuals!

TS Seduction – The Honourable Justice Vaniity

I’ve just downloaded a new TS Seduction scene on Kink.com and absolutely loved it! I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Vaniity broke into mainstream acting someday. But I digress. Let me tell you about and show you the sex!

Jack stares into the Judge Vaniity’s eyes pleading his innocence with his handsome good looks. Honourable Justice Vaniity presides over his meager excuses and confessional that he was jerking off while driving.

I loved how hard her dark cock swelled while sucking Jack’s boner and the foot torture she gave him between fucking him was pure femdom at its finest. She makes him confess over and over until her own cock is hard beneath her robe. She knows how to serve justice up and she does so with Jack’s ass.

But just because he is willing with his mouth doesn’t mean he can take it with his body and soon Vaniity is fed up with his lack of ass fucking experience and just cums on his face.

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Tiffany Starr at TS Pussy Hunters

Tiffany Star and Gabriella Paltrova transport us back in time to the Prohibition era where they have, secret, forbidden sex in the dressing room of an underground club. The music plays a peppy flapper tune that keeps the audience entertained while the Starlight’s two top performers sneak back stage to see each other in private. Gabriella lifts Tiffany’s skirt up, revealing her sequence panties and her hard cock that bulges against the fabric, desperate for Gabriella’s mouth. A throaty blow job is all Tiffany needs to forget about the performing or the possibility of getting caught. She is far too eager to fuck Gabriella and the consequences are quickly fading as Gabi rides her cock and grabs at her tits. Gabi’s tight, wet pussy takes all of Tiffany’s cock without resistance. She slips inside and deeply thrusts against Gabi’s g-spot, making her cum. The fucking is like edge play for Tiffany who is fighting off her own urge to cum until she knows Gabriella is satisfied. When she can no longer hold back her load, she busts thick streams of hot cum across Gabi’s face.

Tiffany is on a mission to use Dylan like a cum rag. Both ladies have a secret storage of cum and Dylan unloads huge bursts of squirt all over Tiffany before she takes her enormous cum shot in the face. This update is a little different from the regular role play fantasies. This shoot is all about rope, domination and fucking.

Tiffany is tied up with a hard-on that Ashlynn Leigh rides like a cowgirl on a wild pony. The orgasms are intense, the sexual chemistry is fiery hot and the cum shot – a cream pie on Ashlynn’s ass – proves it all. These ladies want each other and there is no getting in between them as Tiffany rams Ashlynn’s slick pussy and tight ass for a spectacular update. Download these films at  TS Pussy Hunters!

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Mandy Mitchell, Cherry Torn and Sebastion Keys

Mandy, Cherry and Sebastion are Kink.com veterans and their new 62 minute long TS Seduction.com film is the result of these three major talents displaying at their best work in a variety of niches. Perhaps you’ve seen Mandy and Cherry in their Cuckholding or Sex Addiction Part One and Part Two videos from The Official Mandy Mitchell Website. Anyway, in this new video, Mandy and Cherry are having fun in bed under a down quilt. Cherry straddles Mandy’s face for some oral pleasure, then gets some of her own when Cherry begins sucking her stiff cock.

Mandy is so turned on her thighs are quivering and she tastes Cherry again, then fucks her doggy style. Cherry rubs her clit next with a vibrator that looks like it could be a microphone for King Kong and gets pounded by Mandy. Then, uh-oh. Cherry’s boyfriend Sebastian is home from his part-time job! Mandy introduces herself, but he’s not having this until he sees Mandy’s rock hard cock sticking up in the air. He’s hard in no time flat and Cherry sucks him with Mandy on top fucking his pretty girlfriend! She deep throats him pretty easily until Mandy really begins railing her. Then he’s forced to suck his first cock! Mandy kisses Cherry’s petite feet and cute toes like she did a at her own website, then Sebastian gives her some foot loving too. In the next scene, Cherry and her boyfriend are ass up for Mandy’s fucking. I could go on and on, but I don’t want to spoil the rest for you. Let me just say that Mandy dominates this couple like it’s just second nature to her. Download this must see video at TS Seduction on Kink.com with our exclusive 30% discount on all 30 channels!