Kelly Klaymour and Darling on TS PussyHunters

“Best Little Whore House in San Francisco” stars the hostess of and Darling as sex workers on TS Pussy Hunters. Busty Darling has been having trouble getting clients. Kelly Klaymour is the #1 Madame who wants to help Darling figure out how to increase her client base. So Kelly decides to take Darling out for a test ride to make sure she knows what she’s doing with the paying customers. Darling undresses Kelly and finds a wonderful surprise under the bustle. Darling is thrilled to suck on the Madame’s massive cock and take it in all of her openings. Darling aka Sharon Darling, The Grappler, is a 38 year old, 5′ 4″ (163 cm), 32DD-23-33, blue-eyed Texas native who currently resides in San Francisco. She’s been performing in the adult industry for about 11 years. and I’m completely in love and lust with her Kink performances, her charming face and luscious body. I’ve gone on and on about Kelly Klaymour on all of my blogs more times than I can remember at this point. Be sure to take the tour to learn more about her. Darling said she loves the way Kelly kisses and there was so much of it while they were fucking, even in the closing interview. Don’t miss this TS Pussy Hunters instant classic.  To download only the porn scenes you want, visit Kink on Demand.

Tiffany Starr and Nikki Delano – Strip Pool Game

I don’t think there’s another transwoman on the planet who makes love to and fucks the hell out of cisgender women like beautiful Tiffany Starr of the T-Girl Network. Of course, I’d have to be a CIS female to really know this, but she definitely utilizes every trick in the book I know of and I’ve also learned a thing or two watching her. I never miss a TS Pussy Hunters video and when Tiffany is in one, I always save it. Tiffany tells her gorgeous friend, 32C-23-34, Brooklyn native, Nikki Delano, that the game they’re about to play is strip pool. I don’t think I need to explain the rules here. So allow me to skip forward to how sexy Nikki looks while she’s losing the game and progressively losing her clothing. It encourages Tiffany to bare her boobs and to continue playing a more intense game in the bedroom. Tiffany lies back on the bed stroking the bulge in her panties while Nikki strips while standing on the bed. Once the petite blonde Latina is completely naked, she gives Tiffany’s big cock a brief sucking. Then she slides her pussy down her girlfriend’s cock bareback! Tiffany’s large, hairless balls are drawn as tightly as Nikki’s amazing little bubble butt as they fuck. Nikki exclaims that her pussy is dripping wet around Tiffany’s swollen dick and we can see it. A missionary position railing follows and the closeups and wide angle footage is incredible. Tiffany takes the time to French kiss Nikki even while pounding her quim with jackhammer thrusts. I’ve just about described the first three quarters of this video which you can also see on Kink on Demand. Tiffany is still the same heavy cummer I’ve always known her as. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen her climax this way even on the official Tiffany Starr XXX website. In the closing interview when Tiffany is asked what her favorite part is, she says it was the part where she had sex with Nikki.

TsPussyHunters Venus Lux and Alura Jenson







One of the best ever TS Pussy Hunters videos begins with the Pornstar Platinum blonde bombshell Alura Jenson. As a matter of fact, the first time I ever saw the multi-award winning Venus Lux fucking her was on Alura Jenson XXX. Alura, who has done hardcore scenes with several other transsexual stars is as amazing as I thought she’d be once again with Venus. The opening scene of this TS Pussy Hunters video on reminded me of how great her acting skills are. It takes a lot to make me laugh and her portrayal of a nymphomaniac in a straightjacket cracked me up. Alura’s ad libs reminded me of a Broadway actress with a director who took the day off. On the contrary, there’s nothing funny about the performance of Venus Lux here. Her job is to cure Alura by making her overdose on cock. Venus opens her lab coat and pulls down her panties to expose her big boner. The dialogue doesn’t die down just because Dr. Lux has the crazy lady give her a blowjob. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen Venus as a dominatrix before, but she’s very vocal and a no nonsense actress as well. Her sexual prowess is legendary and she fucks every tantalizing opening Alura has in a variety of positions. On top of all that, both gorgeous ladies get entirely bare naked and the climax ends with a big ass creampie. This is a top shelf kinky classic you must see on TS Pussy Hunters and the chemistry is absolute perfection. Be sure to also watch the closing interview on TS Pussy Hunters and visit Alura Jenson XXX and the official Venus Lux website. If you join Kink Unlimited now at you can enjoy for life at 30% off! 

Kelly Klaymour and Wenona on TSPH





I can’t live without TS/GG porn. I see it on more websites than I can list, but TS Pussy Hunters is my destination for seeing it done with a distinct edge. It’s not always about bondage, but almost always full-on Domination / submission. Sometimes the videos come with an unexpected twist – a turn of tables, so to speak. So does the website of someone I’m a huge fan of – Kelly Klaymour has just added a new update to die for on her official website. I’m also a huge fan of her cisgender female partner in this TSPH scene. BDSM aficionado @KinkyWenona has her own website and has turned out performances to die for on several Kink sites including Ultimate Bondage, Hogtied, Water Bondage, Sadistic Rope, Whipped Ass, Device Bondage, Dungeon Sex, Electro Sluts, Fetish Pros, Public Disgrace, Hardcore Gangbang and Divine Bitches. My purse isn’t always deep enough to join all of the Kink sites individually. I just opt for Kink on Demand to see everything I want from this diverse, long-standing network of websites when that’s the case. The opening interview is filmed as if you’re joining TS Pussy Hunters for the first time. Wenona looks gorgeous playing with her blonde partner’s hair while Kelly flexes her huge cock in her yoga pants. Between watching these two, it was hard to pay attention to the interview and what they were saying. You’ll see what I mean when you watch the video. In an early part of the scene, you’ve got to see the way Wenona’s eyes pop when she sees Kelly’s bulge. It’s some of the best acting I’ve seen recently in porn and Kelly is a total natural as well in her frequent TSPH and scenes on her own site. The way the cisgender female discovers that her friend is a transsexual was done with creativity. When you get to the sex, I think I’m pretty good at eating pussy, but Kelly showed me a few things I’d never thought about doing before. You’d have to ask Wenona of course, but it looks like she really loved it. She showed her appreciation with teabagging and a blowjob anyone with a cock would long for. The bareback fucking is phenomenal. There’s extended footage at the end of this TS Pussy Hunters video at the end, as if the full scene wasn’t already everything I could hoped to see.

TsSeduction: Delia DeLions, Siouxsie Q, Tom Faulke






In the opening interview of this STEPMOTHER, SON and GIRLFRIEND threesome scene, gorgeous Delia DeLions describes how she started Delia-TS as a crossdresser website that transitioned into a transsexual site. All that legendary content is still there in case you’d like to see her progression. Tom Faulk is adorably nervous and Siouxsie Q is not only hot, but funny as hell. The plot line is laid out, incestuous guidelines are discussed and then the magnificently taboo TS Seduction video begins! At Tom’s house, he and Siouxsie are supposed to be studying, but instead they’re making out. While they’re kissing, Siouxsie notices Tom’s stepmom’s family portrait and finds her incredibly hot. She really wants her and tells Tom about it. Tom admits that he’s kind of hot for her, too. He shares the secret that Mrs. DeLions dominates his dad and they have a special room in the house for it. Siouxsie is dying to see it once she realizes it must be a dungeon! Once inside the fully equipped playroom, Tom playfully flogs Siouxsie’s curvy ass and soon after that, Mrs. DeLions catches them! She’s actually a professional dominatrix and uses her talents to dominate her stepson and his girlfriend completely. Being pansexual, it’s hard for me to decide who turned me on more between Tom and Siouxsie. As for Delia, she’s one of my all-time faves. I’ve never seen Delia top a guy before and after this scene, I hope to see her doing this more often. Siouxsie Q is the perfect porn name for an actress who is so freaking adorable yet so naughty! I’ve never seen Tom Faulk in a video before and now I’m crushing on him hard! He says he’s more dominant in his personal life and that sends my mind reeling. You’ve got to see Delia’s big cock shooting cum into the mouths of her naughty submissives. Plus, you get to see the dynamics of the great chemistry between these three amazing performers in the closing interview. Don’t miss this torrid, taboo scene on TS Seduction with our 30 channel full access 30% off offer!

Delia DeLions and Kimmy Lee






I know I’m not the only one here who has followed Delia DeLions since she launched her crossdresser website many years ago. We witnessed her transition and site conversion to Delia-TS and sometimes go back in time for her original content for old time’s sake. We’ve seen her become one of the biggest contract stars in the industry, working with other director, producers and independent transsexual, genetic female stars. Now we get to see Delia in the Kink world with her TS Pussy Hunters debut. The 38D-29-39 megastar is well-matched with the petite 36C-26-37 Kimmy Lee in from Whipped Ass and Everything Butt in a spectacular 40 minute video. I could have downloaded the scene in parts, but I prefer to go for the whole enchilada in the highest resolution available – crystal clear HD. As the plot unfolds, Mrs. DeLions is so appreciative to Kimmy Lee for tutoring her son in Calculus, but she never noticed what a sexy young woman she has become. They start to flirt, the shoes come off, one thing leads to another and Mrs. DeLion’s stiff 7″ cock finds its way into Kimmy’s mouth. Mrs. DeLions fucks Kimmy bareback hard, fast and passionately, but they need to be quiet so the kids don’t hear. This is the first time Kimmy has been featured with a transsexual performer on video, but not in the personal life of this bondage queen. This scene is perfect for genetic girls who fantasize or have already experienced transsexual sex. For anyone out there with a cock between their legs who’s turned on by both gorgeous TS’s and GG’s (genetic girls), I can’t imagine them not fantasizing about banging Kimmy, or fucking or being fucked by Delia DeLions of Delia-TS which is co-run by Delia’s GG wife Tasty-Trixie. It was amazing right down to the big money shot and cummy kiss at the end. Both ladies describe their favorite parts in the closing TS Pussy Hunters interview. Don’t miss this incredible production with today’s Kink Unlimited 30% off special offer! 

Live Show: Syren de Mer and Alura Jenson

What’s that I hear…a Syren? Uh oh, the MILF WARS are beginning! Get into your sexual bomb shelter this afternoon with the hostesses of Sinful Syren and Alura Jenson XXX for a never done before Live Show on Fucking Machines! 5’6″, 36D-26-37 redhead Syren de Mer meets 5’8″ 34DDD-30-44 blonde Alura Jenson today at 1:00 PM PST to battle it out.

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Venus Lux and Amy Faye

In this hot new TS Pussy Hunters bareback hardcore scene with the hostesses of Venus Lux Entertainment and Amy Faye XXX, “Dr.” Lux can tell that her new client, Amy, is nervous. She’s fidgeting and constantly eying Venus to see what parts of her have been augmented. Venus likes the look of little Amy so much that she pretends to be the doctor’s assistant and leads her into the exam room where she begins to strip Amy down and fondle her ass and tits, groping and pinching her nipples until they’re hard. Amy likes the attention and the advice – Venus clearly has so much more experience in this area, plus she’s radiant and beautiful. Amy is quickly developing a crush. You can take advantage of our 30% off all 30 Channels Kink Unlimited package today to enjoy this set and many more!

When Venus asks if she can finger her pussy and rub her tongue on her clit, Amy blushes but can’t contain the growing wetness in her panties. She agrees and Venus goes in for the kill. She gets Amy riled up and completely absorbed in the idea of cumming, that she even forgets she is laying on the doctor’s desk with her legs in the air.

Venus slowly pulls down her own panties and her hard cock springs free. Amy’s pussy gushes a little – boobs and a cock? The idea is dreamy and she welcomes Venus into her hot cunt with a thrust.

Venus even convinces Amy to let her get the tip of her dick into her ass, but Amy’s ass is too new to really take a fucking. A little slip inside is about all Venus can get before returning to her pussy which is more than willing to take her.

When Venus cums it is all over Amy’s face and mouth, a load so big it looks like she has not popped in a month. Her penis shoots rivers of cum and Amy is grateful for the hot load and her well fucked pussy clenches up in post-orgasmic bliss.

Venus Lux Entertainment | Amy Faye XXX  

Venus Lux and Syren de Mer

Two of my favorite major porn stars surprised and delighted me with and amazing hardcore TS Pussy Hunters video with our 30% off promotion and they both have fantastic websites of their own – Venus Lux Entertainment and Sinful Syren! Venus is prepared for Syren de Mer’s frustration with her punky ways and loud music. When Syren storms into her apartment shouting that her bad behavior and slutty ways are only going to get Venus pregnant, that just proves that the lonely MILF has been paying a little too close attention to Venus – every part except the whole pregnancy thing. Venus decides that “insult” is a good segue into grabbing Syren’s hair, shoving her on the bed, handcuffing her to the post and spreading her pussy lips with her tongue. Click on each image for video and photo gallery previews!

Syren confesses to fantasizing about Venus while she masturbates every single night. Venus shows Syren her nice, hard, fuck-ready cock and goes back and forth from Syren opening, making her ass gape and fucking her in all kinds of pussy exposing positions. Finally the delicious TS sperm pours down Syren’s throat and all over her face and Venus goes in for a cummy kiss! The full-length video is available for download and streaming on TS Pussy Hunters through at 30% off!

Venus Lux Fucks Roxy Raye

Venus Lux gives Roxy Raye that all knowing glaze as she walks past her in the sauna. They both silently do that flirting dance of revealing more and more of their sweaty bodies to each other. Sweat drips down their cleavage and even the tiny bath suits they have on are too warm…it’s time for a shower. In the locker room, Venus reveals her cock to Roxy who can’t believe her eyes…at first. Then the thought of putting her mouth around Venus’ dick while looking up at her tits and beautiful face makes her pussy wet before she even dares to do it. This incredible TS Pussy Hunters scene is available on with our exclusive 30% off all 30 channels promotion.

Venus is impressed with Roxy’s deep throating skills, but she is even more excited but Roxy’s famous ass and her ability to take so much dick until she gapes. Venus dips her cock back and forth between Roxy’s openings making Roxy cum over and over. When Venus dumps her load on Roxy’s mouth, she swallows it all. This 45 minute bareback scene is too hot for words! Check out the updates on the official websites of Venus Lux, Roxy Raye and at 30% off!

Venus Lux and Simone Sonay on TS Pussy Hunters

I love that the beautiful Chinese/Cambodian transsexual hostess of Venus Lux Entertainment fucks gorgeous Simone Sonay’s pretty pussy and tight ass bareback in this scorching TS Pussy Hunters video! This is the sister site of TS Seduction from the tremendous empire with 30% off!

Simone plays the Mother of the Bride who seduces her daughter’s lover Venus.

Venus follows the lead of the incredibly seductive Simone until both ladies are dry humping and rubbing their parts against each other. Then Venus pulls out her super hard cock and Simone can not resist. She sucks her off and lets Venus fuck her senseless while her face is in the pillow.

Venus gives Simone an ass and pussy fucking that has the Mother of the Bride cumming and moaning while she gets banged. They don’t even try to keep their sex noises down – they don’t even care if the guests down stairs hear them fucking. Venus shows off just hot she finds this sexy MILF by cumming a massive load on her back!

5’7″, 35C-27-36 submissive Simone Sonay makes a dynamic return to this awesome website with returning 5’11”, 34C-25-30 Venus Lux and her 7″ cock! Watch “MILF Mother of the Bride Banged by Her Daughter’s TS Lover” on TS Pussy Hunters at! Enjoy the 30% off package on All 30 Channels! 

Tiffany Starr and Mona Wales on TS Pussy Hunters

In the 43 minute TS Pussy Hunters video on at 30% off,  “Hot and Dirty Party Sex with Tiffany Starr and Mona Wales”, the pansexual star of fucks and dominates sexy blond submissive Mona of!

Mona and Tiffany sneak off from a boring fundraising party to a private room where they can turn their flirting into fucking!

Tiffany pulls out her hard, curved cock and buries it balls deep in Mona’s pussy. They fuck every which way they can all over the room just out of hear shot of the party they are supposed to be attending. When Tiffany cums, she dumps a hot load all over Mona’s tits!

Great chemistry between these two ladies and a ton of hardcore, hot sex! 


Ava Devine and Kelly Klaymour on TS Pussy Hunters

There are few genetic female porn stars I’d love to fuck more than Ava Devine. To say that she’s trans-friendly would be a major understatement. You’ll find her in amazing scenes with some of my favorite transsexual, female and male stars on her website, but this TS Pussy Hunters update marks the debut of TS Kelly Klaymour of

Kelly of L.A. has a pretty face, lithe form, big rack and a huge cock and I’m betting that she’ll be nominated “Best New Face” in the TS niche next Fall.

Ariel X directed this scorching scene that includes passionate kissing, dry humping, bareback vaginal and anal sex!

Cum with Ava Devine and TS Kelly Klaymour on TS Pussy Hunters with at 30% today. 

Tiffany Starr and Bella Rossi on TS Pussy Hunters

The transsexual porn star I’ve had the best conversations with ever is Tiffany of She’s an incredibly smart and sexy bright light and her website is amazing! Tiffany can be found on many other great websites also and I especially love all of her TS Pussy Hunters videos and pictorials.   

“Candy Stripers turned Nasty: Shagging in a Hospital w/a Stranger’s Vibe” is a 34 minute scorcher in which Tiffany and Bella are busy complaining about their lousy summer internships. Bella finds a vibrator in the bed she’s stripping and she can’t believe that Tiffany has never seen a vibrator before. She dismisses Tiffany’s disapproving looks and gets down with her new toy, rubbing her clit with it until she cums. Tiffany watches Bella cum, but refuses to try the toy until Bella convinces her to let her put it on her clit over her skirt. Bella has no idea what she’s rubbing is Tiffany’s bulging cock that presses tight against her panties while Bella rubs her with the vibrator. 

Tiffany had planned to tell Bella about her cock, but the right time just never seemed to be right. Now, however, Tiffany can no longer keep her mouth shut. She pulls back her panties and shows Bella why she’s not all that familiar with vibrators. Tiffany’s cock is thick and hard and a dazzle of precum is just waiting to slip into Bella’s cunt.

Tiffany spreads Bella wide and plows into her wet slit. These two are very attracted to each other and it shows in the bareback sex they have – explosive, sensual and rough all at once. Tiffany pulls out of Bella just in time for Bella to jerk a huge load of cum out of her cock. Her load is so big, Bella nearly starts to giggle with surprise.

TS Pussy Hunters and

Venus Lux and Luna Light in Spanish Exchange Program

Beautiful Venus Lux punishes the teacher with her cock when she overhears the petite and gorgeous 34B-24-34  25 year old Latina rubbing her clit and cumming in the dorm room. I’m in lust with Luna Light, who was born in Italy and tearing up the scenery on Kink websites. This performer is a new lust for me and I’ve been fan of  Venus Lux for quite some time. This Chinese/Mongolian major transsexual porn star who stands at 5’11”, weighs 135 lbs with a 34C-25-30 frame has her own Venus Lux Entertainment website. I’ve downloaded not some, but all of her videos! 

Venus is in hell with her Spanish exchange program teacher. The two have to share a dorm room with what at first seems like the biggest little Latina strew on the planet! After lights out, Venus wakes up to the muffled moans of the teacher going to town on herself, and Venus just goes in for the kill.

Venus makes her teacher obey her, spreads her legs and licks at her sensitive clit until she cums. All this gets Venus so hard she can’t keep her cock hidden in her panties one second longer. Her hard dick presses in Luna’s mouth and they both know there will be no more sleeping tonight.

Venus ties up her naughty professor and lunges into Luna’s pussy with the single intend of cumming the biggest load possible all over her sweet mouth.

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