Firm Hand Spanking

As a Domme, I’m constantly administering punishment when a submissive does me wrong. Sometimes using BDSM props is too impersonal. Firm Hand Spanking keeps me creative, not to mention horny. Check out these updates to see why:

It’s the bath-time finale of Katherine St. James and Samantha Woodley planning to run away to New York in “Brotherly Love”. Also, spankings heat up for Belinda Lawson as she confesses she likes it – and hard. Bent over a pool table with her round bottom cheeks bare, Belinda invites her boss to spank her for ‘personal development’. Richard Anderson is happy to spank her 58 times with a leather paddle at their exclusive ‘business’ weekend away. Bullying at Reform School earns Alison Miller a stinging 12 strokes of the cane. Bad choice of clothes if you’re due corporal punishment. Alison Miller’s thin, skin-tight skirt and thong makes her 12-stroke caning a scorcher at Reform School. Patrick Bateman soon has her skirt off so he can punish her bare bubble butt to see the results on Firm Hand Spanking!