CrashPad Series Episode 196: Arabelle Raphael and Daisy Ducati


Exhausted from fulfilling other people’s fantasies, Arabelle Raphael and Daisy Ducati come to the Crash Pad to kick off their shoes and rest. Sex workers have desires of their own, however, and these two long to fuck someone pretty on their own terms. Soon Daisy is riding high on Arabelle’s face. Enjoy the video and read Arabelle and Daisy’s profiles to learn more about them. You’ll also find links to their previous performances. Watch Episode 196: Arabelle Raphael and Daisy Ducati on CrashPad Series.


Remember that one person from high school… the one who was so hot EVERYONE wanted to fuck them, but no one dared to try? For these four friends, that person was Samantha, and as they get high and spin vinyl, one of them claims to remember her just a bit better than the others. Terry lifts the narrative needle, but are they just looking to repeat a past track, or get into a new groove?

PUT the NEEDLE on the RECORD – Directed by Shine Louise Houston stars Drew DeVeaux, Andre Shakti, Ex Libris, Nikki Darling with a guest cameo by Dylan Ryan on CrashPad Series. April Flores

April Flores, born April 30, 1976 in Los Angeles County, California is an amazing erotic entertainer, writer and plus-size model. Flores has stated to have come from a strict religious family. She is Ecuadorian from her father’s side and Mexican from her mother’s side, and she calls herself “Mexidorian”. April won the 2014 BBW Performer of the Year award and here she is in Episode 131 on! – Courtney Trouble and Johnny Love

BBW model and queer porn diva Courtney Trouble makes the rounds and educates her more than eager friend Johnny about the delights of the Crash Pad. Trouble can be found at all the hot spots, and it looks like she brought a hot little something to join her. It’s only a matter of time before it becomes the most frequented places in the city. Reservations aren’t required, but perhaps they should be.

Courtney Trouble is also the founder of QueerPorn.TV.