Abella Danger in Anal Warriors Vol.3

Anal Warriors Vol.3 is brought to you ArchAngelVideo.com (IR Tour) who are right at the top of the game when it comes to interracial porn. MimeFreak once again directs and has brought a great cast with him including Casey Calvert, Abella Danger, Kenzie Taylor, Dakota, Prince Yahshua, Isiah Thomas, Sean Michaels, and L.T. Turner. It does not matter if you are male or female, you will look at the cast list and think, “Oh yeah, I am going to enjoy this…” How right you are. We are featuring Abella Danger and Isiah Thomas. Whatever turns you on about female body, Abella has it going it and ticks every single box on any porn lovers list.

Abella begins by telling the camera and you the viewer about how she needs a big cock in her ass. She is in an old kind of garage or industrial building. It is hard not to direct your eyes straight to her big booty. Isiah walks onto camera and is already rock solid erect and Abella drops down to her knees and begins sucking his big erection straight away. She works his cock down her throat until she makes herself gag and drool all over herself.

Isiah spanks her ass and pulls down her shorts and when a butt plug is inserted into her ass, he pulls it out with his teeth and begins eating her pussy. She remains standing while he penetrates her ass with his big manhood and starts banging away. It’s like they say, go hard or go home. Abella slowly opens her ass cheeks wider and wider. Isiah is hitting it hard so much that Abella’s eyes roll back with total pleasure.

Changing positions, she lies on the desk and he bangs her ass while also playing with her pussy which brings Abella to orgasm. She tastes her own ass on his cock and sucks him hard. She rides his cock in cowgirl and enjoys every last inch of his erection, sliding and bouncing up and down his manhood. She makes him cum on her tongue and swallows the load. Anal Warriors Vol.3 is also available on adultdvdempire.com. I’m Scott. Follow me on Twitter at @PornOCD. Keep enjoying porn.

Cali Carter’s First Anal Scene – Freaky Petite 2

MP4 Scene Trailer 

This is Scott aka PornOCD. Freaky Petite 2 is brought to you by archangelvideo.com. Mime Freak and everyone at Arch Angel Video are doing a great job at the moment producing some amazing porn. I want to talk about Cali Carter and her scene with Mick Blue, her #1st anal scene. Cali has a jaw dropping, eye popping, erection causing, blood pressure increasing fit, toned body. I especially love her tattoo on her side. #Inked. This is the final scene in this top class movie. This is Cali’s very first anal scene and all the scenes before are good enough to grace any porn movie be the top bill on any porn movie. Experienced Mike Blue is lucky enough to be the one to take her on screen ass cherry. You Sir, are one very lucky man. I hear millions cry well words very similar. Cali looks amazing in her turquoise bikini and she gets straight down to shaking, twerking showing off her ass to the viewers, releasing a small amount of spit from her mouth that heads onto her boobs. She takes off her top and loses her bottoms and this draws Mike in like a shark that senses blood he wants to taste her straight away and gets to work. Run your eyes across her body and you will not be disappointed. He slides his big solid erection inside her and increases the pace of his penetrations.

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Cali talks dirty while she takes his cock in missionary and you can tell both are as pleased as each other to be involved in the hot sex. Tasting her own pleasure juices of his erection, she wants more sex, more penetrations, more positions and this request went answered in some serious style. Lubed up and ready to go he wants anal and she wants anal even more. He slowly slides his cock into her ass inch by inch. The slow and steady penetrations don’t last long, until he is banging away and Cali rubs her own pussy with pleasure while her ass is stuffed with erect cock. Cali wants to enjoy her first on screen anal scene and she beckons him one to use her ass, stretch her ass, and enjoy her ass. Her ass is pleasured in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl it is a feast for the eyes, feast for the senses and all around masturbation causing extravaganza. He works away like a genetic jack hammer in missionary and he blows his hot sticky load into her throat. I’m Scott. Follow me on Twitter at @PornOCD. Until next time keep enjoying Porn!!!!! Take the archangelvideo.com tour.