TEA Best Girl/Girl Scene Winner: Learning The Joys of Anal

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TransAngels.com Description: Natalie Mars is having her bestie Ella Nova over for a steamy yoga session, and after some flexible fun, Ella lets her BFF in on her boyfriend’s anal fantasies. Only problem is, she doesn’t know if her tight ass can handle his big dick! Good thing for her that her tgirl gal pal Natalie has a whole toybox full of dildos to train her ass hard. Next thing she knows, she’s sharing a two foot long double-headed dildo with Natalie, and ass to ass penetration never looked so good! But Natalie’s training isn’t done yet, and with no substitute for the real deal, Natalie fills her friend’s booty with her big cock. And with a strap-on reach around finish, Ella’s ass is ready for anything!

I rarely agree with major award choices, but this is one I’m in total agreement with. “Learning The Joys of Anal” starring Natalie Mars and Ella Nova is an extraordinary secene from TransAngels.com. Natalie Mars walked away with Best Hardcore Performer, Many Vids Model of the Year and shared this Best Girl/Scene with Ella. Astronomical might be a corny way to describe Mars and Nova in this performance, yet it pretty much sums it up succinctly.

The flirting while working out is electrifying even when we know what’s eventually going to happen here. The opening sequence is like a festival of prettiness lead by two. At this point if you’re only somewhat familiar with trans porn, it’s easy to figure out that the hostess of NatalieMars.XXX is a megastar.

Her Texas native Cis porn star Ella aka Sister Mauer and Claire Cucumber is someone I’ve been following for about 3 years and she’s no stranger to trans porn. Does that give her any sort of edge with this production? I’m not sure because I’ve seen several Cis girls knock it out of the park their first time with trans girls. But in this case I think Ella’s experience certainly doesn’t hurt. I think it really comes into play with the strap-on sequences. It takes knowledge to wield one effectively, especially with a huge dildo like Ella’s. Natalie barely has to even look at Ella to cum which is a testament to her talent because so many of us could climax just looking at her and at Natalie too, for that matter.

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Transfixed Review: After Hours with Natalie

MP4 Scene Trailer

I think plot-driven porn scenes with lots of dialogue are amazing when they’re well done. But I’ve got to admit that I like them with little dialogue better. Transfixed.com director Bree Mills utilizes the technique of using extraordinary visuals to tell the full story. There aren’t many words necessary.

There’s the look in the driver’s face as Natalie and Riley kiss in the backseat, for instance. Better yet, the looks the girls give each other. Then there’s the sexual tension that drives them to pull over for privacy in a private warehouse.

The mutual oral foreplay sets the pace for the manual stimulation Natalie and Riley give one another. Next, come the intense cock sucking and pussy eating. The bareback fucking begins not to long after the midway point of this update. Some sequences can pass for BDSM footage with the roughness.

The mindblowing thing about this Transfixed scene is the expert skill of Natalie’s fucking. Also, what she does to send Riley into rapture in between driving her hard prick in and out of her is riveting to view. This is a hardcore to remember from the type of upscale operation we’ve come to expect from AdultTime.com and Transfixed.com.

TsPussyHunters Review: Maya Kendrick Learns a Hard Lesson from Jenna Creed

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Official TsPussyHunters.com Description: Curtains up and the prudish starlet Maya Kendrick is late, again. Who does this little thing think she is! Jenna Creed has had enough. She doesn’t care how hot and tight Maya’s body is, this bitch needs to learn a lesson. Funny restrained in leather cuffs, Jenna cuts off all of Maya’s clothes. First Jenna starts with the cane on Maya’s perfect arched feet. Maya screams in pain and begs for forgiveness, but this lesson has just begun. Next Jenna pulls out the clothespins and sets up a zipper on Maya’s perfect body and perky tits. Maya must learn to serve next and takes Jenna’s huge rock hard cock in her mouth. She really knows what she’s doing and gags on Jenna’s dick during this sloppy wet blowjob. Jenna flips the fully nude Maya over and goes down on her for some pussy licking. Her perfect pink lips quiver with Jenna’s touch. Finally Maya begs for more cock insider her. Jenna delivers a deep hard fucking, which gets Maya screaming and orgasming with a hitachi.

This is Jenna’s second TS Pussy Hunters scene and it’s Maya’s 4th Kink.com appearance on 4 different sites in the network. Today’s update was directed by Sadie Lola. Maya slides a sweet compliment for Jenna in the opening interview and answers what she’s up for, along with hard limits, first. Jenna adds hers and there isn’t must discussion about the plot. I like that because I skipped the synopsis in favor of being in suspense with this update. The plot set-up is really done well with Maya as an actress with a bad attitude being flippant with Jenna, the production assistant. Mays has just said in the opening interview with the director, Sadie Lola, that she’s looking forward to the foot torture in the script. Jenna administers foot torture well with Maya’s wrists and ankles bound. She has fun with caning the submissive girl’s feet and if anyone has a foot fetish, Maya’s got some really pretty peds.

If you love a true BDSM TsPussyHunters.com feature with authentic props and gear, wait until you see the wire and clothespins Jenna busts out with – the zipper. As for Maya as the torture subject, the sounds of pain and discomfort make me wonder about my own sadistic nature. In other words, my she cock is raging hard at this point and oozing streams of pre-cum.

Knowing that Jenna loves cis girls as much as I do, because I’m a big fan who follows her work and interviews, I love seeing her go down on Maya. It gives me the impression that she knows exactly how to drive this super sexy ginger half out of her mind with lust. Jenna kisses her way up Maya’s torso to her rosy nipples and then “forces” Maya to give her a blowjob. I’ve never seen anyone seem so devoted to pleasing a stiff cock with her mouth more than Maya.

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After the midway point of this update, Jenna gives Maya head yet again and there’s a lot of finger banging with the help of a magic wand vibe buzzing against Maya’s clit! The vibrator stays right where it’s supposed to be, on her love button, while Jenna pumps her big bare dick in and out of her pussy with jackhammer thrusts. Jenna Creed proceeds to establish her dominance as well as her skills as a complete human fucking machine. Don’t miss this fantastic TS Pussy Hunters update on Kink.com!

Transsexual Mashup 3 Review

The Nexxxt Level Talent Agency biography of Victoria Voxxx reads, “In the golden era of Hollywood a top actress who could both sing, dance and act was called a “Triple Threat Performer”, but for Victoria Voxxx, she is what you would call a “Unicorn” because not only is Victoria a classically trained singer, an elite hip hop dancer, a Shakespearean actress but a sexual dynamo who’s appetite for nastiness is unquenchable. Victoria Voxxx is a hardcore porn fans dream cum true and is ready to show her skills to the entire Porn World”. Voxxx shares the cover spotlight of “Transsexual Mashup 3Transsexual Mashup 3Transsexual Mashup 3” for Gender X on Adult Empire. Bunny Colby, Jenna Creed, Sophia Grace, Khloe Kay, Lena Kelly and Ryder Monroe fill out the cast for director Jim Powers.

Voxxx praised her director. “I knew when I entered the adult entertainment industry that it would open me up to new sexual opportunities,” she said. “But no director has exposed me to more sexual situations then Jim Powers! This was such an amazing experience and working with Jenna Creed was truly mind-blowing.”

Scene #01 begins with the hostess of the newly launched KhloeKayXXX website. At the end of a wildly successful career in the adult industry, this amazing actress will be able to proudly look back at her testimonial detailing how her career and transition began. I learned more about Khloe, the person, more here than I did at her own Transerotica.com website! The same goes for the cisgender superstar Bunny Colby aka Nadya Nabakova. She describes how not so different sex with a trans woman really is. The confessionals feature the actresses fully clothed and it’s tame an tasteful enough for an age-restricted YouTube video and only the verbal content would have it labeled as such. Suddenly, we’re taken to the naked an oiled foreplay of Khloe and Bunny. This leads to a tumultuous bareback fucking that ends with a facial. It’s delicious viewing to take in.

Scene #02 I didn’t learn much more about the next gorgeous star than I did from the exclusive TS Dreamland PornOCD Interview with Jenna Creed. But it’s a pleasure to watch her speak. 23 year old Victoria Voxx describes herself next. Each confessional is as satisfyingly long as the one in the first scene. Then we’re in for another round of Trans/Cis intimacy and knock-down-drag-out sex! There’s lots of oil in this shoot, too. Victoria gets a cummy facial at the end like Bunny did.

Scene #03 begins with Canadian beauty Jenna Fox in lingerie giving her testimonial followed by the star of LenaKellyXXX. If you thought that Khloe and Bunny made for a nice contrast in skin tones, you’ll probably adore this interracial union. This bathtub bareback includes tittie-fucking, which id fabulous because Jenna’s melons are huge! Someone here must have an oil fetish like me because it’s used as liberally in this shoot as in the previous two! The biggest difference in this scene is that Jenna uses a strap-on with Lena so both lovely ladies are thoroughly fucked by the time we get to the final scene.

I’ve had the opportunity to present my Interview with Ryder Monroe on Caramel’s TGirls a few years ago. Her testimonial is just as candid as mine was! Sophia Grace talks about herself next. The Southern blonde beauty delivers important details about her past before she gets it on with Ryder. The lingerie is shed quickly after all the speaking is done. There’s enough kissing here to satisfy anyone craving intimacy in their sex scene. As for the generous application of oil, here we go again! The mutual oral exchanges are mesmerizing and the bareback fucking is Ryder Monroe at her best! Sophia makes getting fucked by Ryder seem like the best thing since sliced bread. She breaks out a strap-on, as Bunny did in the last scene, and gives her mate a long, hard railing in return!

I’m not one to care too much for a lot of dialogue unless it’s a brilliant plot-driven porn movie. The brilliance of Transsexual Mashup 3 is the respect given to each actress by allowing her the time to tell their true life story. I feel the respect as the viewer, too.

KhloeKayxxx Review: Khloe Kay Fucking Lindsay Love

Khloe Kay Fucking Lindsay” is rolled out as Khloe’s first time with a cis girl on the newly launch and highly anticipated website KhloeKay.xxx. Gorgeous Lindsay love seems to be the most prolific one in the Transerotica.com network making it with some of the network’s relatively new contract stars. She’s the girl so many guys and other girls would love to be and an extraordinary trans ally as well.

The girls are wearing bras and panties on the sofa, and tall strappy sandals, obviously ready to get down to it when the video begins. They kiss and get topless first.

Then Khloe takes the lead, pushing Lindsay to lay back for some carpet munching (well, Lindsay’s pretty pussy is shave bare, but you know what I mean).

Lindsay gets her mouth full of girl cock after letting the hard organ spring out of its panty prison. I love the way this blowjob begins and ends – with Khloe standing and Lindsay submissively giving head while kneeling before her.

Khloe enters the petals of Lindsay’s pussy with her erection from behind. She then fucks her in the reverse cowgirl position. She swings around to face Khloe while still humping her boner and the high point seems to be when Khloe practically fucks Lindsay through the sofa while Lindsay is face down on the furniture. Lindsay finishes Khloe off with her mouth and makes a great show of lapping up her elixir.

The 30:03 minute video is complimented by 100 photos. Check out sexy stunning Transerotica.com network babe Khloe on her brand new official website KhloeKay.xxx that’s now launched for you to enjoy all her hardcore content. Go subscribe now!

TGirls.Porn Review: Casey Kisses & Robin Coffins

Official Description: A delicious treat in store this week for all you naughty kinksters out there (you know who you are!) as TS lover Robin Coffins straps on a little something special and pounds the sweet derriere of site favorite Casey Kisses in a smoldering production under Radius’s lights. Fuck yeah!

Caramel’s Review: Mr. Dark rolls out this new TGirls.Porn update with a story line that’s a bit of a departure from the norm, but I love it. Actually, it’s far from the first time a video and photo set on this site featured a trans girl and a cis girl together. As a matter of fact, Robin has been here twice before with the trans real time love of her life and co-producer, Sarina Havok. This is Casey’s 5th time here and you should definitely catch up if you’ve missed either of their previous performances!

I’ve raved about Casey’s acting skills many times before and it’s refreshing to see how well matched Robin is with her in that range of talent. The look Robin gives us before entering the bedroom where Casey is tied to the bed is priceless.

Robin’s performance could double for an online instructional video in how to perfectly dominate a trans girl. I once dated a cis girl who was very skilled at this. We’re both dominant but we’d switch roles every now and then. I’d submissively perform foot worship and cunnilingus as well as submit to her powerful strap-on fucking technique.

There’s one big difference in what my ex-girlfriend would do and what Robin does in this scene. Robin’s overall skills are way more advanced. She goes about enforcing her Domination/submission roleplay like it’s her true passion. She’s well aware that fucking someone with a dildo is different than using a real cock. It requires more measured and careful thrusts.

Casey’s method of achieving orgasm in this TGirls.Porn update is unexpected, at least by me, and it’s refreshing. The aftercare and bonding is passionate and intimate. The shower scene this video closes with reinforces the acting skills I mentioned previously and it’s beautiful to watch.

TsPussyHunters Review: Noisy Nympho Neighbor

Description: Hot tattooed alternative girl Charlotte Sartre works from her apartment, webcamming and selling her small x-rated buttons that she makes and sells online. Her next door neighbor is the tall and beautiful Casey Kisses who is trying hard to study in her apartment but cannot concentrate because of Charlotte’s loud rock n’ roll music blasting through the wall that they share. Casey pounds the wall in frustration but Charlotte can’t hear it so Casey decides to show up at Charlotte’s front door to complain. When Charlotte answers the door, the two are immediately smitten and cant believe how hot the other is. Charlotte stops the music and apologizes right away, telling Casey she’ll do anything to make it up to her. Casey makes her self comfortable on Charlotte’s bed and tell’s Charlotte to rub her feet. Without hesitation, Charlotte gets to her knees and takes Casey’s shoes and stockings off. Charlotte rubs kisses, sniffs, sucks, and licks Casey’s feet and toes. Casey spreads her legs and pulls her big hard cock out of her lace panties and Charlotte crawls to worship it. She sucks and strokes Casey’s smooth cock while Casey takes her shirt off, letting her perfect perky tits out to breathe. Casey takes down Charlotte’s black leather miniskirt and bends her over to lick her pussy and ass with her long tongue. Casey lays Charlotte down on her back and spreads her legs and shoves her cock into Charlotte’s tight slutty pussy. She pounds Charlotte’s pussy hard and then flips her over into doggy style to continue with more pussy fucking. Next, Casey switches to Charlotte’s ass and pounds away while Charlotte presses an Hitachi vibrator against her clit and cums hard with Casey’s dick buried in her ass. Casey goes back to fucking Charlotte’s pussy and blows her load deep inside.

Caramel’s Review: Big ups to director Sadie Lola for developing a fantasy scenario that’s down to earth, yet features a pair of talents that are out of this world! Trans Casey Kisses and cis Charlotte Sartre are two of my all-time favorites. I’m challenged not to be biased about them as personalities, but I think I can manage to separate that from their work in “Noisy Nympho Neighbor” on TsPussyHunters.com.

For those new to the Kink network of adult websites, TS Pussy Hunters is the trans porn sister site to TsSeduction.com and Casey has been on that site twice in 2018. Her male co-stars were DJ and Tony Orlando. Charlotte has been on SubmissiveX, DeviceBondage.com and on FuckingMachines.com in 2018. I just realized I reviewed one of her scenes from EverythingButt.com in 2017.

The opening interview with the actresses by the director in today’s review tells us how much they love coming back to Kink.com. Guidelines, safe words and expectations are established and then the action begins. The interview will give you an idea of why I’m worried about being biased. They’re so sweet and lovable. But now let’s focus on the sex!

Selfie-taking, loud music playing, masturbating Charlotte is great at portraying someone who’s just slipped into being a temporary annoyance – not an obnoxious pest. When Casey comes to her room to ask her to turn down the music, Charlotte tells her she webcams and makes button for a living. She;s genuinely apologetic and friendly. Casey seems to be cooling down, but the way she moves across the room and takes a seat instantly establishes her dominance over Charlotte who just wants to make things right.

She can hardly believe her ears when Casey suggest that she rub her feet. But Casey isn’t kidding and Charlotte drops to her knees and gets to work. This is where things get interesting. The girl doesn’t simply give her new friend a foot rub. She inhales the scent of her feet deeply from the lining of one of her pumps and actually licks the shoe. She’s clearly turned on by Casey’s stocking feet and the way she tends to them orally proves it.
Charlotte’s foot worshiping sequence is so erotic that Casey’s big dick is already erect when she lets it snap out of her panties.

The foreplay and bareback sex that follows is unrivaled by all previous scenes on TsPussyHunters.com and I’ve been reviewing them since this site was launched several years ago. Charlotte take Casey’s cock vaginally and anally like a champ and I remember asking myself at one point if Casey can go on fucking all day and night! The intimacy at the scene’s closing and in the post coital interview tells me one thing – this Kink.com production is a must see. 

Thank you for reading. Follow me on Twitter at @tscaramel.