Alexa Grace & Jax Slayher – Another Day At The Office

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In this Dark X update, Alexa Grace starts working for Jax Slayher to pay her way through college. She feels under appreciated by him and can’t seem to figure him out. She can’t even tell if he likes her at all. One day she is bent over while cleaning up the office. Jax is stunned by her perfect tight ass. He’s never seen her in that way before. She sneakily teases him asking if he likes what he saw. It might be inappropriate but she quickly seduces him by kissing him. Quickly he grabs her and starts eating her wet pussy. She sucks his massive cock, before he fucks her hard on the office desk. The fucking won’t stop till they’re both bursting with cum! Talk about a job well done!

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That’s the official synopsis of this killer scene and I just can’t resist adding a few personal thoughts. If you’ve ever had work sex, it’s perhaps the best you’ve ever had. There’s the fear of getting caught, let alone that first explosive moment of making contact with someone you’ve lusted after immensely that stays with you forever.

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This is so much more than your standard interracial scenario. Contrary to popular belief, all black men are not into white girls no matter how attractive they are. The type of guy Jax portrays superbly is a successful great looking man who could probably get whatever girl who comes in his path. He’s good looking enough to be selective. Alexa Grace is strikingly beautiful, but she knows it’s going to take more than that to seduce a hot guy like Jax. This sexy student must offer the promise of platinum pussy sex to make this professor risk losing his job. She needs to make it crystal clear that she’s not just flirting but completely ready for sex with him. Once he’s absolutely sure that she’s serious, it’s on and the kissing and foreplay begins.

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After fucking, the way Alexa sucks the cum out the professor’s beautiful black cock makes the passion of this scene so convincing and so real. I’d risk my job for sex like this. As a matter of fact, I have! Take the Dark X tour.

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