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When I first had a sexy little chat with Mallory about five years ago, she told me that she’d studied webdesign and would soon start up her own website with the photos and videos she’s stored up. Mallory’s Feet was launched soon after we spoke. I knew that the market was wide open for her since there were no passable tgirls on the Net with website devoted to foot fetish. This 5’6, 34A-29-34 cutie pie who isn’t shy about showing her juicy cock or jerking off big dicks with her Ladies’ size 9 high-arched feet became an instant hit.

It’s hard for many men, women and other transgenders to believe that Mallory was not born a genetic female until they see the stiff too that rests between her curvaceous legs. For those who crave seeing a hot blonde girl jacking off until she comes on her own ten sexy digits with her hard 11th digit, Mallory’s Feet is the #1 destination on the Web.

Mallory’s Feet

Mallory is a 24 year old blue-eyed blonde American tgirl standing at 5’6″, 125lbs, 34-29-34 and her dress size is 5. She wears a size 9 women’s shoe on her perfect high-arched feet and her focus is on turning us on as America’s premier foot fetish princess. She listens mostly to 90′s alternative, hip-hop and top 40 hits and likes horror movies, comedy, porn and trashy reality tv. If you took her out to eat, she’d most likely love you to treat her to seafood and she also loves ice cream, candy and Red Bull and likes getting her drink and smoke on, too.

You don’t need to be a foot fetishist to enjoy her and yes, you will get to see her cock in action! Visit

TGirl Foot Fetish Princess Mallory

Hey, guys. I won’t tell anyone of you like this hot young tranny’s feet, ass and cock. It’ll be our little secret, okay? Mallory is one of America’s prettiest and most passable transgendered girls who’s designed and runs her own website Mallory’s Feet so you don’t have to go through a middle man to contact her.

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