Leah Cass Graduates from Femout.XXX

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Congratulations to Leah Cass of Louisville, Kentucky, who decided to go big instead of going home! She blew us away with two amazing performances in what we smut slingers like to call the Grooby Academy for trans girls early in transition, Femout.XXX. As if she wasn’t already one of the most beautiful trans girls I’ve seen in my life, she’s added some very noticable developments. I thought she looked as close to perfect as possible as she was already. To me, she just looks a lot different – no more or less ravishing. If you compare her performances on Femout.XXX to her debut on Shemale.XXX, which is easy to do since all content is fully downloadable on both sites, the changes are mesmerizing. It’s not just the changes of breast augmentation that might put you in a trance, but the effect of hormones on Leah’s magnificent figure. Within the first 5 minutes of her Shemale.XXX debut, photographer Omar Wax films Leah completely naked. Her masturbation solo begins with a finger banging of her full ass and leads to stroking her stiff cock. If you’re more into more advanced trans in their transition, Shemale.XXX provides more of the content you’re looking for. But if you’re into the newbies before they graduate to the major leagues of trans porn, you’re going to want to jon Femout.XXX.

Michelle Firestone Fucks Trillium

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I didn’t need to see blonde Trillium’s “bottom” and Michelle Firestone’s “top” collars to know what was going to go down in Scene #03 of She-Male Perverts #02. Francesca Le narrates and directs this powerful 00:41:16 minute scene that begins with these gorgeous girls admiring each other. Francesca sounds like she’s getting wet while filming, especially when she has Trillium show off her killer ass. Tan brunette Michelle gives it a spanking and Franchesca announces what I already quite familiar with – a special surpise. It’s the rapidly expanding cock beneath Michelle’s sheer skirt. Trillum gives it a few strokes and asks to taste it. Her request is granted and she drops to her knees to perform a mesmerizing blowjob. Michelle sits back to enjoy a sloppy sucking. After giving Trillium a break from the tremendous skull fuck, Michelle has the blonde bend over so she can explore her pussy – face first. Michelle’s cock is raging hard and defying gravity from between her thighs as she muff dives. Doggy style is the first position Trillium is in when Michelle sinks her cock inside her quim bareback. Francesca lends a hand with sex toying and there’s lots of passionate kissing and finger banging. This torrid scene ends with Michelle stroking her erection and shooting a creamy white load of cum into the blue-eyes blonde’s waiting mouth. Don’t just stream Scene #03 of She-Male Perverts #02 on Evil Angel. Download it and save it for keeps. I also recommend checking out the behind-the-scenes video in which Michelle and Trillium discuss their favorite things about the their sex scene.

Lucy Sioux & Annie Trappington

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Before this torrid TGirls.Porn scene was made, I’d become a fan of Lucy Sioux and Annie Trappington as a result of Femout.XXX updates, you’ve probably noticed that Annie looks more polished in each of of new sets. She’s totally dressed up in her TGirls.Porn video with luscious Lucy. In an interview with photographer Radius Dark on Femout.XXX, the subject of a hardcore scene in the future was suggested. Well, here it is finally. The theme is a cross between Star Wars and the activity of netflix and chill, and the dueling sabers sequence is one of my favorite parts. But that doesn’t happen until after Lucy sucks Annie’s big dick hard. After some passionate kissing, Annie returns the favor and Lucy’s erection is a big one, too. The erotic duel begins and I guess the loser of this fight depends on how much Lucy wanted to get fucked. I think she was totally ready for it so in my opinion, she won. But wait a minute. After multiple position changes, they both came so hard after this powerful fucking. So I guess it’s a tie. I loved hearing Lucy screaming like a banshee while riding Annie’s schlong. Then there’s the magnificenty eroti sight of Lucy’s big hard dick bouncing and swinging during the reverse cowgirl footage. After seeing Lucy in four Femout.XXX performances, I totally get why she considers herself a power bottom now. After four times seeing Annie in solo action, now I know how well she fucks. I love the way she allowed Lucy to adjust to the size of Annie’s huge cock before the deep, offshore drilling began. Take the TGirls.Porn tour to see more.

Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl Stroking & Pumping

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I love it when the Pacific Northwest’s Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl presents a scorching hot photo set and backs it up with a scorching video. About Krissy Kyung’s new Nerdy Schoolgirl Strip she said, “I saw this “nerdy” schoolgirl outfit at one of the local adult bookstores, and I just had to have it. I’ve shot plenty of schoolgirl sets in the usual red and black, plaid skirt before for Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl, and I just liked the different look of this one. Now all this Shemale schoolgirl needs is a horny professor to swing by, bend me over his desk, and really start fucking away at my Tgirl ass! Pantyhose aren’t always the easiest access to a girl’s ass, but I don’t mind if you just rip a big hole in mine, as long as you’ve got a hard dick so you can fuck me silly! I’m sure you’ve noticed my rapidly hardening Shemale cock as I think about being fucked in my patent high heels. I guess I get excited easily!” Then she backed up the photoset with the Stroking and Pumping Away adding, “Well, I had a lot of questions about whether I was going to do a video in the “nerdy schoolgirl” outfit that I wore for a gallery or two ago on Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl, so… here you go! This is a fun little video, especially if you like the whole “exhibitionism” aspect of my site. I work myself up a couple of times in my schoolgirl outfit, with some dirty talk to the camera about what I’d love to have done to me… which you can probably guess if you know anything about me at all! Of course, this horny little Shemale schoolgirl wants nothing more than for some horny guy to walk by, catch her stroking her Shemale cock off, and then bend her over and fuck her silly! Well, that doesn’t happen in this scene, but there is always next time, right? For this scene, you’ll just have to content yourself to watching Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl stroking away on her Shemale cock and playing with her pump for a little while.”

Trans-Visions #07, Holly Heart & Sami Price

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In Scene #01 of Trans-Visions #07, TS Sami Price is telling director Joey Silvera that she’s dying to fuck Holly Heart. She tells him, while exposing her fabulous breasts, how she keeps in such great shape. She’s into biking bigtime as I learned from my partner in crime PornOCD’s interview with Sami Price on TS Dreamland . Sami has a hardon developing in her panties in anticipation. Next, we see Holly talking shop to Sami as she does Sami’s makeup. Holly tries to keep things professional when Sami flirts with her, but she’s way too turned on to resist. Holly admits that she’s into girls just like Sami is. With the gorgeous trans schoolgirl’s face in her cleavage, her resistance is quickly worn down. Holly doesn’t want to get into trouble, but with Sami’s legs spread open and her skirt pulled up to reveal that tell-tale bulge, she’s willing to risk the consequences. She withdraws Sami’s rapidly expanding cock from its panty prison and gives it a long, teasing lick. It literally grows larger in her hand before our eyes, and then in her mouth. I’m a huge fan of Sami’s and feel honored to host one of her interviews on one of my sites. As for Holly, I’ve been a major fan for much longer. It’s not just because she performs with so many trans girls, but because she’s just incredibly bright and gorgeous as well. I’m not one to fawn over people this openly, but I adore them both. As for the rest of the sex scene, I found the footage of Holly dildo fucking Sami and watching her pretty pussy getting eaten mesmerizing to watch. When Sami sank her big cock inside Holly about 25 minutes into Scene #01, let’s just say that my panties were stretched to the limit and wet with a copious amout of pre-cum. It’s available now for streaming and download in crystal clear HD on Evil Angel. I’ll be talking about the rest of Trans-Visions #07 too!

The English Mansion: Boyfriend Caught Dressing

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Do you ever wonder how true to life some of the FemDom videos you watch are? Let me give you an example of how real things can be. Last week, I contacted my friend across the pond, Miss Jessica of jessicadee25. She just happened to be in chastity at the moment and this reminded me of her scene “Boyfriend Caught Dressing” featuring Mistress Sidonia on The English Mansion. The video reveals how Miss Jessica was punished by Mistress Sidonia after being caught dressing up in her daughter’s clothes. Miss Jessica was shocked to learn that her girlfriend’s mother was a Dominatrix, of course. The Mistress refers to Miss Jessica as “he” although the gorgeous submissive looks nothing like a guy while ball-gagged and harnessed and dressed in a tight rubber catsuit. Well maybe so if you consider the cock and ball device. Mistress Sidonia instructed Miss Jessica that the film of this discipline session would be stored in a safe in The English Mansion as a secret video diary. She was never to tell the daughter what occured with the stunning Domme. Miss Jessica’s taut pink balls looked like they were full of cum when, to her horror, she was told that she’d be in chastity for 48 hours. As part of my real story, when I spoke with Miss Jessica that morning, she told me that another Mistress had her in chastity for the rest of this weekend – a perfect example of life imitating art. You can read more about this D/s adventure and many more on Miss Jessica’s blog here. For more FemDom fun, visit The English Mansion.

Pachisi by The Madame (The Keyhole Sessions)

Pachisi by The Madame (of The Keyhole Sessions), was awarded Sexiest Short at the 2015 Feminist Porn Awards,Best Sex at Hump! Fest 2015, Selected Film at Pornotopia, Albuquerque, NM, and Selected Film at Hump! Fest 2015 Portland, OR and Seattle, WA. Working with a macro budget $200 and accessible consumer-grade recording technology, The Madame shoots her videos using an iPhone. (iPornography anyone?) Her last film was No Artificial Sweeteners in 2014. A few years ago, the idea of shooting a high-quality porn film on your cellphone would have been impossible. Flash forward to 2013, and a movie called Because I Want You To Watch is recognized by the Feminist Porn Awards‘ Golden Beaver Award for Canadian Content. Directed by Keyhole Sessions visionary The Madame, the video pushed the DIY porn genre deep into the technium. Spurred by its success, The Madame produced two more: Drips, Clicks, Squirts and No Artificial Sweeteners. At the 2014 Feminist Porn Awards, the later won the competitive honor as Best Short. Pachisi shows what kinds of games can be played between lovers. And who comes out the winner. PinkLabel.tv.

The Foot Job with Ashley Fires and Riley Reid on All Girl Massage

When it comes to foot fetishism, everybody doesn’t get it, but it’s the most widely acceptable fetishes in the fetish category. It’s becoming even more popular thanks to the fact that hot women get into it, too. Petite 5’2″ (157 cm), 34B-26-34, 33 year old blonde, Ashley fires is the horny masseuse of 5’4″ (162 cm), 34B-25-36, 24 year old brunette Riley Reed. In the Foot Job on All Girl Massage, Riley visits the massage parlor in need of a deep foot rub. Ashley is short-staffed and working alone today and she’s obviously aroused by her new customer. Once she has Riley naked and oiled on the table, the client asks why she’s focusing so much on her glutes. She really wants the attention focused on her feet. That’s just perfect for Ashley whose big green eyes widen at the sight of Riley’s sexy bare peds. It’s clear that the masseuse has a foot fetish and even more evident when she can’t resist sucking Riey’s toes for a moment. Riley gives an involuntary massage of her own when Ashley rubs her soles across her bare breasts and against her crotch. Just when Riley is about to resist, Ashley swoops down across Riley’s body and dives into her pretty pussy face first! Both green-eyed beauties discover there’s so much pleasure to be had from furious foot fucking. Don’t miss The Foot Job featurette with Ashley Fires and Riley Reid on All Girl Massage.

Amarna Miller on Pure-XXX

“You cannot breath because you have my pussy on your face?” is something thousands of AVN nominated, NINFA Best Actress winner Amarna Miller fans wouldn’t mind hearing – in a vulnerable submissive situation as it is. The stunning Spanish ginger looks incredible in pink and black latex and sheer black stay-up stockings as she smother’s Christian’s face on Pure-XXX. The region surrounding petals of her pussy aren’t bare, but it’s not like 70’s Penthouse magazine hairy. It’s got a modern buzz that’s enough to drive a hirsute beauty fan nuts, yet not enough to make most other pussy lovers make a big deal about. I usually prefer clean shaven quim myself, but I’d take Miss Miller’s any way I could get it. In most of the first part of this Domination / submission sequence, Amarna rides Christian’s face from the front. But before she leaves the room, we get some amazing footage of her full round ass, too. Poor Christian isn’t even allowed to cum in this scene. I can’t even imagine how tortuous that must have been. But I actually loved another Pure-XXX scene with Amarna and Christian even better. There’s nothing quite like seeing a beautiful Domme with a strap-on and knowing what she’s about to do with it, is there? The view is magnificent when she turns around also. Mistress Amarna makes Christian suck on the huge phallus before making him get on all fours on the sofa with his bubble butt turned up. When she has him on his back, she jerks his huge cock while railing him. Okay I’ve said enough. Take the Pure-XXX tour to see what else is in store for you. For trans action from Christian XXX, visit the incredible Pure-TS website. 

Femout.XXX – Introducing Addi by Omar

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Preview video trailers are up on Femout.XXX in case you want to watch just under a minute of Addi. I downloaded the 10:46 video as always. When it comes to porn, I’m more of a saver than a watcher. I knew I hadn’t seen this blue-eyed blonde from Atlanta before. This isn’t just her first shoot with photographer Omar Wax. It’s her first adult entertainment performance ever. Since Addi is wearing a light winter jacket when her video begins, my eyes travel down to her tight jeans. The first thing I notice is the feminine curves of her thighs and when she turns around, she has a really cute, girlish ass. Addi reveals that she’s not busty by any means, but this is what I love seeing on Femout.XXX – trans girls in their early stages of transition. I have a photographic memory and I’ll remember what Addi used to look like for years to come if she decides to work in the adult industry for the long run. I probably won’t think she looks “better” with hormone development in the future – just a lot different. I know I’ll find it interesting to see her development as a performer. She has a resting face that doesn’t say a lot about her personality until she starts smiling and talking. As Addi gets progressively hornier, and her cock gets harder, her debut video tells me she could really go places in this business. See more of Addi for yourself on Femout.XXX. She gets even more naked in her 117 hi-res image photo set than she does in the video.

Evie Eliot and Oxcetalene Lane on TGirls.Porn

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“You can’t kiss me until you beat me,” Oxcetalene Lane tells Evie Eliot in their TGirls.Porn video. That’s actually music to my ears whenever I hear it. But in this case, we’re talking about gaming. Evie is the trans designer, part-time fashion model and adult industry star I interviewed on caramelstgirls.com. Oxcetalene Lane is the genetic girl model who contacted photographer Radius Dark to tell him that she was down to feel her first hot TS cock inside of her. Gaming leads to these beauties getting frisky on the bed. Oxcetalene is the aggressor at first while they undress each other. Then Evie asserts her dominance. But then, a real power exchange ensues with some talented cock sucking and muff diving. I’m not sure what I liked best – the bareback fucking with Evie’s big dick, or the strap on railing Oxcetalene gave Evie in return! I do know that Oxcetalene had a cumtastic first time experience, and that Evie exploded with a big, creamy white cum shot while getting banged. This is the first TS / GG video and photo set on TGirls.Porn and it’s absolutely magnificent!

Lex vs. Ryan Conner – Evil Angel Video

The mother of 19 year old porn star Dylan Phoenix, Ryan Conner makes a comeback with porn director and superstar Lexington Steele in Lex vs. Ryan Conner! Scene #04 begins with Lexington phoning his friend Ricky Johnson help celebrate her return. Ryan’s travel to Lex’s crib consists of her entrance wearing a bodystocking that enhances her 5’7″, 42D-34-44 MILF figure. A little makeout session ensues and Ryan gets a mouthful of the porn king’s big black cock. Lex hints at the surprise he has for Ryan and procedes to fuck her bareback for the first half of this torrid scene. When Ryan cries, “Give it to me, Daddy,” his BBC shoots a thick load of creamy white cum all over her big round bottom. Lex has Ryan close her eyes and when she opens them, she’s surrounded by five other black men in suit and ties. Let the SURPRISE BLOW BANG begin! Each stud unleashes his big black dick and Ryan kneels to suck and stroke every erection before her. She pins her hair up at about 53:16 minutes into the scene so it doesn’t get in the way. She sucks away as she’s lifted bodily and then straddled for a titty fuck. Amid sexy whispers and deep eye contact, six creamy loads flood her throat, tongue, face and hair. Spunk drips from her chin to her jugs.This green-eyed blonde bombshell’s adult industry career began in 1999. She took a break in 2005 and her 2015 comeback is magnificently filmed Evil Angel production. Check out all four lusty interracial trailers of “Lex vs. Ryan Conner” which also stars Anikka Albrite getting bi: sucking tits and eating pussy with Ryan. Each girl’s tight butt gets profoundly blackened, and they share spunk-spackled French kisses.

Delia TS Cherry Apron with Red Stockings

TS Delia DeLions is washing the dishes when her genetic girl wife approaches her from behind with a request. Trixie Fontaine’s voice is trembling because clearly she’s turned on by the sight of Delia dressed as a the naughty housewife she is. When the hostess of Delia-TS turns around to face her wife, her big tits are spilling out of the side of her skimpy apron. Tasty Trixie asks Delia to lift up the hem and there’s a big bulge down there. Trixie’s next request is for Delia to bend over and to show off more of her incredible ass. When she turns around again, the swelling in her floral panties is even bigger. Delia sits on the counter and eventually releases her cock. While caressing one large breast with one hand, she strokes her dick to a big, juicy erection. Her wife films this expansion from ground and eye level and soon, Delia’s swollen cockhead is pointing up toward the ceiling. Trixie captures closeup and wide angle footage from a distance as her wife continues to beat off and rub and tweak her sensitive right nipple. Delia plays with a long string of clear pre-cum that’s oozing from the tip of her prick and tastes some of it. As she approaches orgasm, she squeals loudly and her big cock fires streams out forcefully. She takes a taste of that, too. When you subscribe to Delia-TS, you also get her pre-transition CD content, full access to Tasty Trixie and their live webcam shows!

The English Mansion: Tiffany Play Doll

Domina Alexandra Snow is mix of Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and Native American – a strict Disciplinarian, a haughty goddess, and a sadistic Dominatrix who takes Tiffany Real Doll through the paces in “Tiffany Play Doll” on the English Mansion. She makes Tiffany spin around and bend over for inspection and show her what’s going on under her the hem of her pink dress. It’s an erection sticking out of her lace panties. But the Domina isn’t ready to deal with that yet. She applies polish to Tiffany’s nails and orders her not to move while they dry. Then she brushes the limp wristed doll and insults her for being a slutty little bimbo without a brain in her head. The beautiful Domme has Tiffany get on all fours, raises the hem of her dress over her full bottom, and makes her lick her high-heeled feet. After one heel is removed. Tiffany worships the Domina’s sexy bare foot and sucks on her pedicured toes. Tiffany’s big cock is raging in her panties with this humiliating task. Tiffany repeats the process on the other high-arched bare foot of her Dominatrix and then she’s made to stand up and fully expose her huge erection. Domina Snow collars Tiffany next and touches up her makeup. Later, she makes Tiffany bend over and pulls the panties she’s wearing down to expose her full, pretty ass. She administers a sound spanking over her knee. Once Tiffany’s ass matches the color of her pink outfit, she runs her fingers over the sub’s hard cock with a bare hand, then a black glove. From this point on, it’s all about orgasm denial. Her next handjob is without gloves. Tiffany’s ball sack is fully expanded and her big cock somehow manages to point straight up toward the ceiling. The Domina edges Tiffany until she finally decides it’s time for a milking. Finally, the hung panting bimbo slut is allowed to release a huge cumshot. Don’t miss this exquisite training session on The English Mansion.

Training The New Girl Pt 2 at The English Mansion

I went into the Fall of 2014 archives of The English Mansion and found the precious gem named “Training The New Girl Pt 2 of 4,” an exquisite session with Lady Nina Birch, Natalie with a sweet uncut pecker and Tiffany Real Doll, a submissive with the massive cock. Tiffany used to be someone’s husband, but this 12 year old house of training has made her a bimbo. Both subs get treated like totally mindless, bimbo fuck puppets in fact by The Lady. In Pt 2, Lady Nina brought out her Robojac milking machine and had both special girls performing oral sex on each other. I’ve massaged two subby dicks at the same time myself as a Domme. I’ve never done it with a vibrating machine, though. The more experienced Tiffany gave the better handjob. As Lady Nina said, Natalie could use some practice. After Tiffany got a taste of Natalie’s rod, both subs were tormented by motor-powered penis pump. Then Lady Nina petted Natialie’s pink hair while Tiffany dropped to her knees to suck on Natalie’s “clitoris” again. The moment of truth came when Tiffany took Natalie’s cherry with her big dick! Nat’s ass looked absolutley divine perched on the sofa as Tiffany stroked her panty snake to another full erection. Lady Nina penetrated Tiffany’s full, rounded ass while she pumped her cock in and out of the new sub. Afterwards the de-virginized bimbo slut made Tiffany cum under Lady Nina’s instructions. Poor little Natalie had a big sticky mess of creamy white cum on her lace gloves by the time her first day of training at The English Mansion came to an end.

Annie Trappington on Femout.XXX

Pansexual trans girl Annie Trappington follows up her second Femout.XXX photo and video set. She says she doesn’t wear her see-through shirt in her new Portland, Oregon neighboorhood without a bra. That could cause quite a stir considering the way her deloping boobs and pink nipples are visible. She recalls one of her best sexual experiences that involved a guy picking her up while fucking her. Photographer Radius Dark does the best opening interviews and this one reveals that she also loves sex with trans girls. I knew from her previous videos on Femout.XXX that she’s into genetic girls, too. This trwenty year old is mainly a bottom, but would not mind fucking someone who can handle the “beast” as she calls it. She’s only been on hormones for 9 months and I saw the results in her big cumshot in her last video. No problems there. After talking a bit, Annie lays back in her seat to stroke her massive cock to a full erection. She stands up to wag it around and she only jerks it with one hand. The most sensitive part is obviously her cockhead and the first of the many inches of her shaft. She continues to jack off while bending over with gives us the perfect vantage point for entering her little rosebud. When Annie picks up a dildo and compares it with her schlong, she’s got the toy beat by a mile. Now Annie has a cute speaking voice, but when she moans while fucking herself, she sounds like a different person. She’s all girly girl when getting penetrated in her third Femout.XXX video.