Misty Summers on Femout.XXX

Misty Summers of West Palm Beach, Florida knew she was trans since she was about 16 years old, but she’d only been in transition for about a year when Jack Flash recently shot this Femout.XXX debut. Wow! The ‘mones don’t owe her nuthin’! As Jack’s opening interview continues, Misty exclaims that she’s definitely a bottom. She has a sweet speaking voice, too. One of her fantasies involves something on my bucket list when in top mode. The first articles of clothing Misty removes are her tank top and Latin-inspired mini skirt when she stands up. Then she removes her bra and lowers her panties. You don’t need me to tell you that her body looks just yummy. She gives us another glimpse of her cute butt before facing the camera again and taking hold of her cock. Misty begins jerking off with a pleasant smile on her face. She also fondles her hormone boobs and thrusts her ass out with her hands on the chaise. She spreads her cheeks and oh, my word! That winning smile evolves into a lustful look of intention as she sits back to stroke her erection. She does this on her knees also and her cock looks hard enough to cut diamonds with. Then she stands up to swing her big dick around and that’s about as far as I can go without getting overheated. Check out the dynamic debut of Misty Summers on Femout.XXX! Misty hasn’t been broadcasting live in going on two months. But let’s hope she returns for more live performances on chaturbate.com/nintendogirl.

Icy Winters

When Chaturbate webcam star Icy Winters describes herself as a nerdy, kinky trans girl, keep in mind that all that nerdiness resides between her ears. Her icywinterstudio on amateurporn porn proves it. So did her chaturbate.com/icywinters live webcam performance last night. The fuck toy she’s referring to in this little MP4 was wearing a tartan plaid skirt this morning in Icy’s Chaturbate webcam show. Icy sat astride her topless. She was wearing a pair of black panties, but her cock shaft was in her hand, hard and pressed between the cute fuck toy’s butt cheeks. The fuck toy helped with her fist to guide Icy’s frottage along. Icy sat next to said fuck toy on the sofa, lubed up a vibrator with her mouth and fucked her with the blue toy. Icy took hold of her webcam to give us an aerial view of her stiff cock sliding between fuck toy’s booty cleavage. With a little verbal humiliation, Icy let us know that she was eventually going to cum on fuck toy’s ass this way. But the fuck toy got up to straddle Icy next and ground hard against her. At this point, I didn’t know what was going to happen next until the fuck toy began stroking Icy’s erection. Icy began moaning loudly and after awhile, she politely warned that she’d have to tune us out for a bit. That’s just what she had to do to keep her promise and she came exactly the way she said she would.

Crona Valentine

Crona Valentine of tasty-crona.xxx introduces herself while being filmed by producer Radius Dark when her 10th Black-TGirls video opens. She’s been making her own music that I’m dying to hear. The Vegas-based beauty talks about gaming, getting into steampunk and, when the discussion turns sexual, bondage! She’s not into heavy BDSM, but she’s exploring as a submissive. When she gets down to stripping, Crona removes her sheer top and brassiere to reveal her gorgeous set of hormone breasts. Her puffy nipples, which used to be pierced, are very sensitive. She likes them played with and there’s a lot to play with. Nipple play has actually made her cum and she will be getting them pierced again. Crona stands up to present a tantalizing rear view in her panties once she slips out of her belted short-shorts. When her panties come off, the view can be devastating. If you haven’t lost it yet, you’ll see Crona sitting back down on the sofa to remove her booties and stockings. If you’re a leg admirer or have a thing for small, sexy feet, hang in there. She hasn’t even begun stroking her cock yet. The sexy discussion hasn’t ended yet, either. Crona adds that not only is she submissive, but that she’s a bottom only and her favorite position is doggy style. Mr. Dark encourages Crona to give us an idea of what penetrating her amazing ass from the back would be like. Next, Crona displays the type of fun she has with a vibrator she loves. Buzzing the big toy across her cockhead and the sensitive area below the corona gets her cock hard and Crona is a grower. In other words, you might not expect her to be so hung until she gets totally aroused. If you happened to be up in the wee hours of the morning, you may have just seen Crona LIVE on Chaturbate. If you missed it her most recent cam show, chaturbate.com/cronacookie is the place to be for her next killer show!

TS Rianna James on Chaturbate


I caught the riveting hostess of tsriannajames.com on Chaturbate last night and she was already half naked and well into her fap session. She was wearing a floral print dress with her full breasts spilling over while stroking her lovely erection. Ariana talked about how the neighbors heard her fucking last night. I don’t know who was the top, but Rianna is an incredible Domme when she wants to be. She got her nickname “Goddess Rianna” for a very good reason. She’s a professional dominatrix!

A viewer in her live cam show said her thigh high socks made his dick hard, so she put some on for him. Then, between stroking her cock slowly and firmly, Rianna showed off some of her bondage gear. She went into detail about her floggers and crops, but if you’re a top, she showed you how some of your needs could be satisfied by bending over with her bare ass facing the camera. It was heavenly. Don’t miss any opportunity you get to see Rianna live on Chaturbate! This British Columbia, Canadian beauty also has her own official website. Check out chaturbate.com/tsariannajames to learn more.

Caramel’s Interview with Jackie Hammers


Chaturbate: jackhammervp

With the new focus on this site being devoted to Chaturbate webcam broadcasters, I’ve decided to engage with some of the best models I enjoy watching and interacting with. I’m doing this with a continuing series of interviews, but since I don’t house them here, I’ll redirect you to where you can find them. For example, I’ve just released my interview with the stunning TS Jackie Hammers chaturbate.com/jackhammervp on Caramel’s TGirls. A click here will transport you to my interview with Jackie and I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Vikki CD on Chaturbate


Vikki CD of Chicago, Illinois, does not accept tips on Chaturbate. She’s just a horny part-time girl who wants to make you cum. She’s all into cosplay, smooth femboys, cis girls and hot men. Sometimes she uses a penis pump on her stiffness and at the sometimes she wears cock and ball devices. Sometimes she pumps with the CBT, too. There’s no telling what her hair color will be from day to day or if she’ll be a cheerleader, sailor gurl, or your submissive French maid with a butt plug. I don’t find her masks or shades a distraction. You can see that she has a pretty face. Her big juicy cock and cute ass weren’t lost on me when I saw her at chaturbate.com/hotnessmc either. Since Vikki isn’t on hormones lie some of us, you can count on some huge, creamy white cumshots at the end of her cams. By the way, her favorite playmates are other crossdressers and trans. Vikki also love riding dildos and tasting her own cum. If you like bounce music, you might not be sure if you should dance or play with yourself while watching Vikki CD on chaturbate.com/hotnessmc/.