Subby Hubby: Vanessa Cage Foot Worship

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Vanessa Cage is training her man to be a sissy for her. Later she plans on dressing him, but for now she wants her feet worshipped while she mostly ignores him and is on the phone with her friends. They’re discussing going out to the club to get laid by real men. He must listen to this while he worships her. He knows he is nothing more than a cuckold. He’s sucking her pretty toes while she lays face down on a red chaise lounge. He’s also naked except for his collar and she’s only wearing a skimpy pink body suit. Beautiful Vanessa has an ass to die for and the camera man seems fixated with it for good reason. Vanessa has been in over 20 scenes on this site and although you won’t see her dildo fucking a sub in this scene, you’ll see that in plenty of others as a subscriber. This is a short scene designed for both the submissive male as well as the foot fetishist in mind. Vanessa’s pretty feet alone are enough to make a foot fetishist lose their cum quickly. I appreciate the male form as much as the female form and this subby has a really nice body. I would have had his cock in chastity but that’s just me being my naturally dominant self. This is just an alternative lighter side to the dynamic range of the hostess of Believe me, she can do it all.

Angela White’s First Time in Brutal Bondage and Tormented

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Official Description: The legendary Angela White has decided that she wanted to be tied up and tormented, and only wants the best of the best. She decided that The Pope was the only one that she would bestow this honor to, and he gladly accepted. We begin with her in a standing position with her hands above her head and her legs spread with a spreader bar. As soon as The Pope puts his hands on her you can see her eyes roll back in lustful desire.

This busty slut has been waiting a long time for this moment and now it’s finally here. She is flogged and clamped to get the juices flowing, her ass is spanked and her hair is pulled, yet she has the most seductive look in her eyes as he administers her punishment. She tries to not cum to prevent it from ending, but The Pope has other plans for this slut.

Next, Angela is pulled into the air in her first suspension and the torment begins, but this time she is subjected to brutal bastinado with foot caning and rubber bands. There is amazing breath control and then The Pope fucks her pussy into squirting orgasms. The final scene starts with Angela in the air for her second suspension of the day. She is caned all over her body and then The Pope attacks her soft soles with more bastinado which fills the dungeon with her screams of pain.

She is finished off with a face fucking and then pussy fucking with more squirting orgasms. This is a day for the record books and we were thrilled that Angela decided to let us pop her bondage cherry.

That’s one sexy and descriptive write-up! I’d just like to add a few thoughts. I’m surprised that 2018 AVN Female Performer of the Year and 2018 AVN Hall of Fame Inductee Aussie Angela White is just getting on The reason for that is because this icon I’m so used to seeing in glamour scenes is such a natural in the kink niche. Don’t get me wrong – she’s done BDSM scenes before, but never in a feature quite like this where she’s a total submissive! This is the genre I know best and The Pope instinctively knows how not to push things too far. Angela is beautiful as ever, but seeing her threshold for pain taken to the limit on will make you see her in a whole new light. Join now and save 50% on a President’s Day Sale membership!

Look Who Joined Evil Angel This Valentine’s Day

After several years of a hiatus, the legendary Lisa Ann, world’s most popular adult performer, has joined the star-studded line-up of Directors. She has inked an exclusive contract with Evil Angel to bring her producing, directing and performing prowess back to her legion of fans! Be among the first to enjoy her latest scene and directorial work, available now on Evil Angel! Take advantage of our exclusive Valentine’s offer now.

Alura Jenson in Hardcore Grindr Surprise

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“John Swift is just adorable,” says beautiful Alura Jenson. I almost feel bad duping him on Grindr. You see, John is really into trans women and he thinks that I’m one! So I’m gonna blindfold him and suck his cock and by the time he’s balls deep in my cunt, he’ll have a new appreciation for what a girl has between her legs!” she adds.

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Delving into this torrid update, this theme reminds me of trans porn themes I’ve seen playing out with the exact opposite twist – a beautiful trans girl surprises an unsuspecting guy with a blindfold on into fucking her. I always thought this was the worst idea for a porn theme because in real life, this could get a trans girl killed.

Scene Trailer

Times have changed and I haven’t seen a porn scene or movie produced like what I’ve described in ages. That old theme works in reverse in a way that’s simply comical. It’s nothing to take seriously especially since it’s so unlikely to happen in real life. John is indeed adorable, an atypical porn actor who resembles more of a mainstream teenage heartthrob than an adult entertainer. It’s a lot of fun to see Alura playing along with his thought that she’s trans.

Scene Trailer

Alura is electrifying and comical as the MILF who uses trickery to get her fill of young John’s huge cock. The blowjob that leads to tittie fucking, to Alura’s striptease are the perfect ways to build up to the powerful bareback fucking. The age play element is superb – who did the exemplary casting for this scene?! When I think about the network and their history with trans-related themes and the fact that Alura Jenson can be scene in hardcore action with some of the leading trans adult entertainers, this theme isn’t surprising at all and it’s on the right side of history. The Pickup by Spark Erotic

THE PICKUP An erotic film about a “chance” encounter on

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If we are open, the erotic can find us in the course of our daily lives in unexpected and wonderful ways. We have the choice to engage and accept the adventure presented.

AVALON emerges from the shopping mall laden with bags. She grabs her phone and summons a driver. A car soon arrives and she gets in. Her driver, ANGEL, is handsome and cannot help but notice her beauty as well.

As the ride continues, Avalon and Angel flirt silently in a dance of eyes and subtle movements. The car arrives at Avalon’s hotel and she thanks her driver for the ride while getting out. Angel watches her walk away only to see her pause and return to the open window.

She presents him with her hotel room key letting him know where to find her. A surprised and excited Angel drives quickly to a parking place and makes his way to Avalon’s room.

Avalon answers the door in stunning lingerie and welcomes Angel inside. She takes control of the encounter and pushes him to a seat at the end of the bed as she begins to dance for him. Avalon’s sensuality grows to sexuality and they begin to enjoy each other deeply. Their pace is at first relaxed and passionate, enjoying every step and movement together as their energy builds.

Lying in each others arms enjoying their afterglow, Avalon’s alarm on her phone sounds. Their discussion on what happens next contains a wonderful surprise as we learn that not all things have been how they seemed. Available NOW on

Dominatrix Annabelle – Secrets, Enigmas and Paradoxes!

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“Devishly wicked, as I seduce George once more into experiencing the most mind-blowing orgasm! There’s nothing quite like making his mind sink into a most blissfully erotic and cock stimulating story, to capture his mind, as though he was under my spell! Mmm… one could easily say he was, as I painted a visually explicit scene for him to immerse into!,” said the owner of “And what an explosion he had, of course, it was only right I continued having my pleasure, using my crimson fingernails, sinking them deep into his bulbous head. My goodness, yes he was highly sensitive, and just the way I love it. In fact, you should take a look at the photo on the far right, and you’ll get a very good impression of the state George was in whilst I sank my gorgeous fingernails into his highly sensitive penis!” she added.

Dominatrix Annabelle is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma with a three part visual story that ends with an explosive climax! The hypo sequence is truly frightening and intensely erotic. It’s a mesmerizing view of the Domme stroking a thick submissive cock slowly and then quickening the pace gradually. It’s so wicked the way she makes her sub cum while he’s suspended in her dungeon. Experience all of the secrets, enigmas and paradoxes within

Sally D’Angelo: New Site!

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The latest addition to Sally’s digital empire is! Born dirt poor in the hills of Tennessee, Sally D’Angelo will be the first to tell you that she learned very early in life how to win people over with what she calls her Dolly Parton personality,…. that’s right, her big tits and bigger smile came in quite handy along way as well. 36GG-24-36 are her current statistics and So what’s the content like? A veritable pansexual and interracial playground is the first impression you ought to get. I certainly do. Anyone who knows me understands that diversity, bisexuality and a at least bit of fetish thrown in is what spins my propeller.

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Sally even treats us to authentic BDSM!, will focus primarily on the Cougar and MILF audience, with plenty of exclusive videos and even more from her famous female gal pals including Payton Hall who just signed up to add some of her movies. Sally has already been featured in XXX scenes with legends like Nina Hartley, worked closely with Vicky Vette and the VNA Army, and is now building out an even more robust presence for mature ladies who have the experience to know exactly what their fans want to see most.

Dark X: Vanessa Sky and Isiah Maxwell

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The synopsis reads: Vanessa Sky is a hot teen babysitter, babysitting for Isiah Maxwell. She drifts away in a daydream at how it would be like to have his big black cock deep inside her tight teen pussy! How good, it would feel to make a man like him, cum for her! If only she could act on her impulse and get that huge cock in real life!

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Acting in porn? Serious acting? I’m usually not a fan. But here it’s spot on with Isiah as a single parent businessman and babysitter Vanessa. Isiah’s complexion against brown-eyed, brunette, olive-skinned Vanessa does not make for a remarkable striking IR scene by the usual interracial porn standards. Therefore, I’m simply judging this as a porn scene. The niche is all about big black cock, not necessarily color contrast with Dark X.

WMV Scene Trailer

The idea of Vanessa fantasizing about Isiah and touching herself is not al all unrealistic. The way the two characters are brought together sexually is courtesy of porn film magic. What I like most about this scene is Isiah’s portrayal of a confident guy who could get it if he wanted to. In spite of how gorgeous Vanessa is, he’s able to take it or leave it. At the end, Vanessa doesn’t seem to be all wrapped up in emotion either. This update is all simply about two people physically hot for each other. That’s good enough for me.

My Step-Mother is a Secret Sex Slave

The Black Friday Sale for is $19.99/monthly 50% off. For 3 months it’s $14.95/monthly billed as $44.85 every three months. For 6 months – $11.50/monthly 50% off billed as $68.99 every 6 months. For 1 year it’s $9.99/monthly 50% off in one payment of $119.99. Memberships are recurring unless otherwise stated, depending on your chosen plan. Yearly and 6 months memberships do not rebill, unless otherwise stated.

Synopsis: Innocent Piper Perri surprises her stepmother in the second family mansion, only to find Phoenix Marie is secretly serving her perfect slutty ass to the Butler behind closed doors. The Butler soon traps her curious young mind in a seductive game that ends with Piper tied up, almost split in half on his thick cock, with her depraved slave Step-Mother lapping at her trapped pussy that squirt again and again. This is Piper’s introduction to taboo sexual service and a new life of submissive cock worship and anal fisting her Step-Mother’s insatiable ass. Both women are tied tightly and used against each other in sadistic games of desire and punishment, competing and begging to be fucked and used in turn.

Gorgeous Phoenix Marie has been on several of the network’s sites and this is the first time for Piper Perri. Handsome Ramon who co-stars in this update also conducts the opening interview and establishes limits and safewords. I love the way Phoenix helps to show Piper the ropes before the action begins. Piper pays close attention like a good student and the final results show how much she digested. Piper is a big star in her own right but D/s isn’t necessarily in her wheelhouse. Well, it is now and she did amazingly well!

This is one of my top favorite updates across the entire network of 2017. The chemistry between these three actors is electrifying. Aside from this trio being absolutely ravishing to look at, the taboo nature of the storyline keep me aroused from beginning to end! These beautiful ladies are torrid and drop-dead gorgeous and hung Ramon is the man!

Redhead Bombshell Summer Hart Gets Railed in Front of her Boy Pal

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Omnisexual Yaegerman who owns and operates The Fuck Chronicles said, “I got to know Vegas beauty Summer Hart last week. She’s a hot camgirl. She came over to my place to ‘get acquainted.’ She brought over her boy pal, and he got all hot and bothered watching us go at it. He sat in the corner and stroked himself while his girlfriend sucked my cock and took it in the pussy. Eventually he got so turned on that he had to join in. After participating for a while, he watched me go to town on Summer. I fucked the hell out of her while he stood there admiring what he saw. Eventually, he held up her legs and watched me nut inside her,” he added. “Hot as holy hell.” If Rob Yaeger’s “omnisexual” term could be temporarily shared with someone, stunning Summer Hart of Las Vegas, Nevada would certainly be worthy. One look at her OUSweetheart ManyVids page should aptly illustrate what I mean. The ginger fox is a lucky girl with two big dicks in the room – Rob’s which she’s jerking off and the cuckold in the corner beating his meat without permission to participate just yet. The cuck is eventually treated to a blowjob while Rob takes care of Summer from behind. She receives a rimjob to get her all fired up for a bareback doggystyle ramming! There are several position changes and duties performed by both hung men come as deliciously naughty surprises! I might go into more detail if you leave a comment and request more information. But the best option is to see how things play out for yourself on The Fuck Chronicles!

Divine Bitches – Chanel Preston Takes Payment From Reed Jameson

The stunning goddess Chanel Preston is head of the Divine Investments Firm. This beautiful busty brunette demands your worship and attention. Dressed for business in her short skirt, stocking and high heels, this FemDom Mistress commands authority in her business.

Today is a very special day though. It has come to her attention a pathetic worker Reed Jameson, a lead investor she has spent hard time training up, has been caught skimming. Tied up tight to a chair in rope bondage in the company basement, it’s time for him to pay back every penny. Still in his business suit, his pathetic cock hangs out ready for punishment. There is nothing this loser thief can say now to save his sorry ass. Chanel stuffs his mouth shut with a red ball gag to muffle his screams from the painful clover clamps on his nipples.

It’s a good thing they are in the basement, because this pain slave gets a corporal punishment beating with the cane next before the flogger comes out. His thighs turn bright red before Chanel changes her focus to his sensitive cock and balls. Using her high heels she squashes that pathetic phallus as Reed squirms in pain.

Chanel takes a bucket of clamps and slowly clips each one onto his sack. The pain gets Reed rock hard before Chanel takes her stocking foot and applies hard pressure to his most sensitive balls. Finally ripping each clamp off brings huge screams as she laughs in his face. And Chanel is just beginning. Tied up again in rope bondage, stripped naked, Reed is ready to pay everything back with his ass. I’m stopping this awesome official synopsis right here.

Penthouse Pet and fetish queen Chanel Preston gets raves from subscribers and I’m one that gives Reed his props too! Especially since male porn stars often get ignored. Reed gives Chanel the opportunity to take her domination technique to a different level than she utilizes when taking charge of women. She enjoys humiliating men more and boy does it show in “Chanel Preston Takes Payment From Reed Jameson in Painful Installments”!

It gives Reed the opportunity to work with a woman which is a variation from what he does in his personal life. This is the most painful scene he’s ever been in. Chanel’s handjob finish has me closer to cumming without touching myself than any scene in recent memory from a site or anywhere. Join today and save 60% off!

FTVGirls: Hannah – Innocent 18

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18 year old Hannah has a fiercely naughty side behind an innocent exterior. Standing at 5’2″ with measurements of 34B-22-34, Hannah is a super cute, petite blonde teen, with that innocent look, but don’t let that fool you, she’s a very sexual girl with a rather devious side! She’s never done any adult before, let alone get on a plane and leave her small town in Georgia. Still in high school, her shoot begins at a college area, as we see her in a cute and short flower dress.

Sample Photo Gallery

Walking around the campus, we get upskirt views of her blue panties and the outline of her puffy vagina! She finds a bench at one of the campus buildings, and takes her panties off, fingering herself! Notice her full, thick labia and that puffy look in between her legs. She gets even more daring, taking all her clothes off and walking around in the nude! Back home, she uses the Magic Wand vibrator for a nice, long masturbation session that really gets her off; she has several orgasms and strong vaginal contractions in the process! We then get extreme closeups of her private parts, starting with her full, prominent clit, then touring down to her puffy labia, as she spreads and stretches them. Notice how wet she is! She then plays with her firm little b-cups, and her perky nipples, going to show off her butt. After lunch, we see her in casual clothes, no bra – playing & teasing her nipples, then taking her jeans off to spread her vagina at a park! Back home, she is introduced to the Vibraking Toy, and she ends up with such strong orgasms – and intense vaginal contractions!

Scene Trailer

When she fingers herself, her juices stick to her fingers, with streamers… She tries pushing three fingers in for the first time, then is introduced to the long dildo. She penetrates herself with it, trying different positions while you see her puffy vagina wraps around it like a suction device.

Sample Photo Gallery

Then she pushes her limits trying the Monster Toy, but only manages to get 2 inches of it in. It really looks huge next to that petite figure! As the day comes to an end, she goes swimming in the pool, and we enjoy that naked figure one last time.

Sample Photo Gallery

That cute southern accent, and her hometown roots make her a rather fresh teen with that look that many guys and other girls love.

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Kira Noir on Hardcore Gangbang!

2017 XBiz/AVN/XRCO Best New Starlet Nominee Kira Noir is absolutely magnificent in “Debauchery: Cock Hungry Beauty Kira Noir Gang Banged by Horny Studs!” It’s on Hardcore Gangbang on the Kink network. You can lock in your membership at $19.97 per month and save 60% if you subscribe to this limited time offer today!

Strikingly gorgeous Kira has been gangbanged by 4 guys before but this is her first time with 5 of them – Rob Piper, Nathan Bronson, Eddie Jaye, Jake Adams, and Jay Savage. At the end of the film when the cum-soaked L.A. beauty is asked if that’s what she came for, “Yes it is,” she replies. “I needed that.”

It’s so fascinating and mesmerizing to watch Kira’s hopes in the opening interview and her summary in the closing one. Humiliation, choking, face fucking, creampie, bukkake – Kira’s gangbang crew is also out of this world!

The official synopsis reads: Cock hungry Kira Noir throws herself at a group of warehouse employees with reckless abandon. She has been wandering the street at dusk with a mission – to find dick and fuck it. She gets what she was after! After a blow bang, multiple cocks at one, Gang Bang and multiple cum shots to her face, Kira’s fantasy is finally fulfilled. At dusk, Kira wanders the streets of downtown in search of anonymous male sex partners. She’s tired of being a good girl. She craves the thrill of stranger sex.

The more men she can find, the better. No strings, no attachment, she doesn’t even want to know their names. One evening she comes upon a group of studs, on their way to a warehouse job. She just can’t resist following them to work and seducing them in a filthy warehouse. She swallows each fat cock during a Blow bang to start off. Each guy takes turns fucking her mouth before they pull her onto a couch to penetrate her eager pussy. They slap her tight body as she rides cock while sucking and keeping the rest of the studs excited with her hands.

The men toss her around like a fuck doll and while they share her ass and DP her in as many combos as they can get! Kira is so hungry for cum and gets all the men to cum on her face, loading it up with as much as she can take. She got exactly what she came here for! Lock in your membership at $19.97 per month and save 60% today!

For more of this incredible star, visit

Sally D’Angelo’s Me, Mom And Granny Part 2 – Mom’s 1st Anal Fuck

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Me, Mom And Granny Part 2 – Mom’s 1st Anal Fuck” has a super horny synopsis I’m editing down a bit. It’s delivered from the viewpoint of hung, young and full of cum Conor Coxxx; “It’s summer break and guess who is cumming to visit us, Grandma Sally. She just makes my young dick hard just talking to her with that Southern drawl… She sure has a set of big ol’ titties (I hope they pop out like last time)…. She got in early and mom wasn’t home yet so I showed her the guest room. She wanted to freshen up and put on her bikini to do some pool time, but had a kink in her neck from traveling. Of course I offered to rub it out for her, but she reached back and started rubbing something out for me. She shoved me on the bed and pulled out my 10″ cock and started sucking it, in no time I exploded in her mouth. She looks up and with cum dripping out of her mouth, and says to me, “Fuck me grandson before your mom gets home”. My cock was more than eager for another round so we started fucking, fucking in every position… We were really going at it hot and heavy but guess who pops in? Good ol’ mom. This exactly what mom said to Grandma…“What the fuck, Mom? You’re fucking my son! First you fuck your son, my brother, and now you’re fucking my son…your grandson?! WTF! Granny, as cool as a cucumber, comes back and says, “Give us a break Dani (Mom). All we’re doing is having some fun. You ought to take that splinter out of your ass and have some fun with us. He told me he wants to fuck you too, so get out of that bikini and join us and stop being such a drag”. I was totally amazed. Mom stripped off her bathing suit and joined us. She deep throated me and soon I exploded a big load of cum in her mouth.” Sounds a bit more taboo than what I usually rave about here? Hell yes it is! This is what I love about this production aside from busty Sally and Dani Dare and the young big dicked Conor. Usually when there are two hot women in a scene, I’m hoping to see some lesbian action. I wasn’t sure if I’d see it in this movie but I was elated to see the ladies making out while Conor performed cunnilingus and manage to fuck at the same time! The vaginal and anal sex is mesmerizing and the kinky ending is what I can only describe as a cum shooting classic! There are literally hundreds of scenes and titles to browse through on the Hot Movies Sally D’Angelo Studio. Let me warn you that if you haven’t seen the 6 time AVN nominated Sally D’Angelo in action before, this film might turn out to be the gateway drug to this South Floridian sex goddess! If you’re like me and discovered first, you’re already in for it.