Stefani Special, Kate England, Francesca Le

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This is cisgender female star Kate England’s second scene ever with a trans girl – She-Male Perverts #03. Stefani is pansexual and she’s done this many times before. I’ve raved about her performances many times with all gender identities. In the behind-the-scenes interview, Kate says she really liked the domming. Stefani has mastered that skill long ago. Stefani loved the face fucking and rimming. Producer Francesca Le loved everything about the scene. Kate has never done a double-penetration scene and that idea sent my mind reeling. When Stefani mentioned that she’s a switch, Franceska mentioned something I totally agree with; that the best Dommes have at least some experience with being submissive. Everyone agreed with that. I learned that Francesca is submissive in her personal life and that’s something I never would have guessed. As a porn actress, she most often gets booked as the dominatrix. If you watch or download the BTS scene first, the kissing between Stefani and Kate is a good warmup for the main event. Stefani poses and strips in naughty schoolgirl mode for about 4 minutes until Kate joins her as a horny schoolmate. Stefani’s cock is hard as she and Kate stand before the sofa and Franceska sounds like she’s already wet as she adds commentary. Stefani handles Kate more like a stern teacher than a fellow classmate after they kiss and share lots of fondling. I always feel like I’m learning something new when Stefani goes down on a cis girl even though I’ve done this many times myself. My favorite part of the first half of the scene is Stefani spanking Kate’s pretty ass hard before driving her erection inside her pussy bareback. Kate isn’t totally passive in this scene, either. She surprised me with her strength while fucking Stefani with a dildo. Stefani, Kate and Francesca have delivered a masterful Domination/submission themed scene you simply must see if you like it glamourous yet rough. Watch or download She-Male Perverts #03 on Evil Angel


Imagine the ultimate fantasy: to have your own sex stories reenacted by other people in cinematic films. This is the concept that lies beneath Erika Lust’s most ambitious project to date: XConfessions. Each month Erika handpicks two confessions and adapts them into edgy, beautiful and steamy short films. In My Moaning Neighbor on Lust Cinema, Mickey Mod is trying to work from home, but he can’t concentrate – his neighbor, a horny girl from the 2nd floor, makes sure to be really loud every time she “has a little sex”. He has an army ready for war with a vacuum cleaner, a record of dogs barking really loud- but all he gets is the girl knocking on his door to ask for explanations from all the provocative random noises. He then gets ready for the fight… but who’s there when he opens the door? Vex Ashley ladies and gentlemen, for the first time in XConfessions! Lust Cinema is the #1 site for couples.

Austin Lynn of on Femdom Empire

If you’re offended by the term ‘sissy’ you’re definitely in the wrong place. There’s nothing I love more than dominating and training a hot and horny one and this is a total cutie pie. Rubber slut training is officially in session at the Femdom Empire as Mistress Austin Lynn transforms her slave into a proper sissy doll. In Rubber Sissy Submission, his little clit is locked in chastity forever since there will be no more pussy for Mistress’s new princess. The only sex her rubber bitch will ever have will be when a big cock is penetrating his soon to be gaping slut-hole. That’s the prelude to the scene I loved even more. In Sissy Butt Slut, Mistress Austin Lynn takes her sissy out of his cage for a good hard strap-on fucking. Austin enjoys taking the sissy male’s ass with her cock, making him beg for it and thank her as she plows him deeper and deeper. The muscular Austin has no problem bending and stretching her tiny sissy into different positions just to make sure that her cock goes in ever deeper. Austin tells her sissy that she is going to allow him to cum, but only when her cock is fucking his asshole. She strokes his sissy cock hard as she bends his leg back, then orders him to cum into her gloved hand. Austin then rubs the sissy’s cum on her cock and buries it into his ass again for a sissy creampie, fucking him with his own cum as the lube! Austin leaves her butt slut alone and broken on the bondage table with his own cum still buried in his ass.

Nesty & Carlos in Interracial Study Session

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Nesty aka Katrin Wolf of Hungary stands at 5’5″ (155 cm), weighs 99 lbs (45 kg) and her measurements are 36B-27-36. You might also know of the petite blonde star as Aniko Stark, Nesty Nice, Katherine Wolf, or Katerina Wolf. In Interracial Study Session on 21Sextreme, Nesty just can’t seem to concentrate on studying this afternoon. Luckily there’s Carlos who pops up at just the right time. Age nor race doesn’t stop this couple. In fact, Nesty feels comfortable at Carlos’ house and he’s glad to have her there, lusting away at his big dick and fucking on the couch until she’s completely satisfied and eager to take a creamy white cum facial. I’ve been a fan of Nesty for quite some time with her super pretty girl-next-door looks. I don’t know where 21Sextreme found hung Carlos for Grandpas Fuck Teens, but this man is incredibly skillful with his tongue and his big black cock. This might be the sexiest older younger pairing I’ve ever seen.

Miss Zara – Jerk to My Feet – The English Mansion

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“Thought you could hide under my bed and spy in my shoes and feet did you? Well, I know I look wonderful in these stilettos and my sexy stockings, while you are down on the floor maybe you could assist me. My feet need to be worshipped, take my shoes off and let me feel your tongue, I am so sweaty after wearing them all day. You are doing such a good job, I think I may take some more clothes off, look at your cock, it’s getting so hard, put you hand on it, let me see you jerk off in front of me, you foot pervert!” In her bedroom at The English Mansion, beautiful Miss Zara is sitting at the edge of the bed dangling a shiny red heel from her high-arched foot when she discovers you creeping underneath her bed. After worshipping her high heel and full-fashioned stockings, you’re going to have to worship her stocking feet also. How does it feel to be beneath Miss Zara’s pretty feet where you belong? You love seeing her walk on her mattress and padding across the floor, don’t you? Doesn’t that make your cock as hard as a rock? You can catch a glimpse beneath her skirt at her black panties. You can almost see her pussy lips. Her butt cheeks look so full and round as she unclasps the garters from her stocking tops. Is she really going to peel those stockings down her lovely legs and off her sweaty feet? How badly do you want to sniff, lick and pamper them? She’s stripping down to her bra and panties on the bed and her marvelous breasts are revealed. She’s even removing her panties! But her pretty feet are still so close to your face. Can you imagine running your cock across the soft surface of her soles? Do you think Miss Zara would let you cum on her beautiful feet? Miss Zara du Rose is a statuesque English redhead with the face of a beautiful doll but a body that’s all woman. She’s quite accomplished for her young age: she’s a fetish model who adores rubber; a UK porn star; and at home is a genuine ‘Bi Perve’ lifestyle switch. She’s been filmed as both young dom and sub to a Mistress, so you’ll get to see both her dominant and submissive sides. Find out what she’s all about at The English Mansion.

Visceratio on Chaturbate

Visceratio of Poland can be found in the Trans section of Chaturbate but there’s, a twist. Visceratio doesn’t specify gender and won’t be pigeon-holed into claiming one. That’s why I’m raving about this incredible webcam broadcaster here instead of on I could have included face pics, but since Visceratio doesn’t make a habit of it, I won’t either. If you’re wondering if hung Visceratio’s face is pretty, trust me, it’s gorgeous. If you’re reading this while I’m posting, Visceratio might do some toy insertion and jacking off manually or with a sleeve attached to a vibrator. You might see some BBC toy sucking also and satification of foot show requests. There’s no telling actually what Visceratio might be doing today. Log into Chaturbate and see for yourself. Check out room=visceratio. No Polish sausage jokes. If you feel the urge coming on, it’s probably best to resist it.

TS Factor #02: TS Tarynxo and Kassondra Raine

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In scene #01 of Trans Factor #02 on Evil Angel, I had to stop watching quickly the first time after I downloaded the scene. Watching TS Tarynxo and Kassondra Raine kissing in the car was too much for me and it was either masturbate or get some real sex. I had too much work to do at the moment and no one else was around. When I reloaded the scene and picked up where I left off and sped the video up to the part where Joey Silvera films Kassondra posing and Taryn sitting on the sofa with one pretty nipple exposed. Kassondra bares both boobs and both girls are devastating with their bodies lightly coated with a light sheen of oil. When Taryn exposes her cock from her panties, it’s already hard. Kassondra curls her fingers around it and I’m having the same problem as I did the first time around! This trans blogger needs an assistant, especially while watching Kassondra giving head and Taryn muff diving. I know I’m an expert cocksucker and I think I’m really good at eating pussy, but I think I may have picked up a new technique watching Taryn go at it. Sometimes when Taryn sinks her bare cock inside a girl’s quim, she’s tentative about it and teases a bit. This time, she embeds her erection inside and begins fucking Kassondra with pretty rapid thrusts. I always take it as a sign that a girl really likes you when she licks her own elixir off of your cock. There’s rimming and toy sex and then it’s back to my favorite part – TS Tayrnxo fucking Kassondra Raine. Oh and more pussy eating and cum swallowing, also! Watch all the new previews on Evil Angel

Dominatrix Annabelle

If your dream is to put your cock into the hands of the beautiful lifestyle and professional Dominatrix Annabelle, be careful what you wish for. She might make you consider and a huge black strap-on dildo first and go into graphic detail about how she’ll use it on you. She might make you get on your hands and knees to devour the sex tool. But you might get a peek up her skirt while your gazing at her curvy stocking legs while you’re sucking away. She might allow you to see her with her blouse tied around her trim waist as she adjusts the harness around her hips. Naturally your naughty bits would be locked in a cock cage, but she might release them while you’re staring down into her deep cleavage. Can you imagine hearing her say, “That’s what I call a nice growing cock,” as she strokes your freed erection? Can you imagine the Lady exposing her large firm breasts and big nipples as she pumps your straining hardon? Could you take it if she slapped your hard shaft and threatened to bite down on it? She might squeeze your erection with all of her might in her gloved hands and bite the swollen head! You’d never forget that her tongue actually touched your penis. But the moments of pain you endured will soon come to an end when she jacks you off furiously. If you ask her permission, Dominatrix Annabelle might allow to to shoot your load across the surface of her magnificent breasts. The Lady of the Manor will put you through the paces if that’s what you’re dreaming about. So be careful what you wish for.

The English Mansion – Dominant Dolly – Tranny Cock Sucking

Dominant Dolly teaches her rubber doll how to please others, so she can be whored out. The rubber doll is forced to lick Dominant Dolly’s big bulge through her latex skirt and then through the latex pants beneath. What makes this English Mansion scene deliciously weird to me is that Dominant Dolly’s pretty face is masked. Masking isn’t the weird part to me. I’m just thinking we must be pretty kinky to want to see a nice face like that masked. One thing that doesn’t remain trapped in latex however is the Domme’s huge cock. It’s already stiff when she releases it, her smoothly shaven balls encircled by a metal ring. The rubber doll, with her big fake tits has a pretty large erection, too. Put in a stressful situation to start out with, she is soon compliantly sucking and licking as directed, even when the special lip gag is put in. Dominant Dolly torments the rubber doll’s stiff cock with her high heeled pump while jerking off before shoving her swollen dick back inside her mouth. It’s a good thing that the doll is such a good cock sucker. She’s rewarded with a big, creamy white facial and she thanks Dominant Dolly in humiliation for all that delicious cum at The English Mansion. Clean Maid, Dirty Girl

Mayumi Sparkles continues to add brilliant erotica to and Anya The Blushing Rocker continues to blow us away with spectacular live webcam performances on Chaturbate in room=blushing_rocker. Anya is bored, sitting on the couch reading a magazine. Mayumi the Maid is sweeping the floor. Things heat up when Mayumi bends down to pick up the TV remote that’s been carelessly dropped to the floor. This scene kicks into gear immediately after Mayumi bends over while sweeping and Anya gets a peek at the maid’s full round bottom. Anya pulls Mayumi beside her on the sofa and raises the hem of Mayumi’s uniform to get a frontal view of her pink polka dot panties. She compliments the maid on how cute she is while withdrawing her cock and stroking it firmly. The maid reaches beneath Anya’s tartan plaid skirt and withdraws the erection from her lacy black panties. It almost seems like Mayumi’s furiously fast and firm handjob is about to make Anya cum, but the horny rock chick wants a taste of the maid’s cock. Anya squeezes her own big dick between her creamy thighs while bobbing her head up and down on the maid’s hardon and then, Mayumi slides off the sofa and sinks to her knees to give Anya head. Since Mayumi insists that Anya’s cock isn’t too big for her to handle, Anya gives her an aggressive skull fucking both seated and standing. But Anya doesn’t want to cum this way. She won’t be satisfied until she gives the maid a good, hard fucking. She she pushes Mayumi onto her hands and knees on the sofa, bares her pretty ass and sinks her huge cock inside her. By the end of this hardcore scene, the maid is also going to have to clean the load of cum Anya shoots across her gorgeous bare bottom.

Mona Wales on Device Bondage

You can’t please everybody, especially during awards season, but I was elated the Mona Wales won the 2016 Transgender Erotica Award for Best Non-TS Performer. But it’s not just because of her incredible work with trans women. I became a super fan of Mona years before was launched, with a lot of brilliant trans content, and it was through her scenes in the Kink network. Extreme pain is not my favorite thing as a lifestyle Domme, so it was a bit difficult to watch Mona in this scene, while incredibly arousing at the same time. After “Dominatrix Is Destroyed with Brutal Domination in Strict Bondage” on the Device Bondage website ends, Mona Wales tell The Pope she loved every part of the scene. Some of the brutality has never been administered on this site before. It seems as if the verbal humiliation was only a small part of her most intensely stimulating moments. The breath play and even punching really set off her nervous system and the foot torture was the most challenging sequence. It was truly evil as The Pope recalls. Mona started her Kink career at Device Bondage, then went on to be a fierce Fem Domme. She never forgot the inner pain slut and always let’s her out to play from time to time. The Pope unleashes the most sadistic punishment that she can take, then makes her beg for more. Mona suffers through brutal torment, bastinado, predicaments, a zipper, caning, pussy fucking, extreme domination, and mind blowing orgasms. As an established and famed rigger, The Pope has roped, trained, fucked, and taken ownership of more subs than other Dom(mes)s. And as he takes over the Device Bondage site, he is showing no remorse for submissive sluts who need to be demeaned, broken and deconstructs them into the contorted forms of his choosing. Waterboarding, rigging, suspension bondage. No holds barred. No mercy. Dedicated aficionados of bondage fetish will devour these HD videos. The official website actually tells you more about what makes Mona tick. It also reveals more of her glam and fetish side. There you’ll also see Mona with some familiar male favorites of mine that add to the excitement if you’re also a serious genetic girl and trans porn aficionado.

TS Dreamland Interview with Adult Actress Jessica Fappit

On the TS Dreamland website, PornOCD presents his interview with trans adult entertainment star Jessica Fappit. This is the first interview ever with video responses from an adult actress. We hope you’ll enjoy it. Click here to watch and read.