TGirls.Porn: Julieta Strange & Lucy Blue

TGirls.Porn presents two hung and horny newcummers who just couldn’t get enough of each others’ hungry asses and throbbing girl dicks! Julieta Strange and Lucy Blue explode onto the scene in this booming Radius Dark production. Julieta is the brunette and Lucy is the redhead. You can watch a 2 minute trailer of them introducing themselves and sucking and fucking on TGirls.Porn! I love that Radius Dark interviews the girls before they get in on. When the foreplay begins to really heat up, it’s obvious that Julieta is going to be the aggressor, even when she’s the first to start sucking cock. I like the way Lucy is directed to position her freckled nude body for the best vantage point while she gives Julieta head. The cowgirl riding footage shot from the front and back is awesome! Since Julieta is pretty seriously hung, Lucy has to lubricate her mate’s cock again before switching to revere bareback cowgirl and the doggystyle pounding that follows. Damn, this girl can fuck! I love the post-coital kissing and cuddling after Julieta’s fiery red butt-splitter shoots its cum! Don’t forget you can watch the trailer on TGirls.Porn!

voidbaby aka Noxi on Chaturbate

When I logged into Chaturbate last night, Noxi of the midwestern USA wasn’t doing her adorable adult baby thing. She was lying back jerking off completely naked on her direct link which is The 24 year old trans beauty was also pumping something in and out of her fine ass rapidly that looked like a sharpie. All she wore was black nail polish on her fingers and even her cute toes were bare. She concentrated 100% on the fap with no interaction with tippers. That’s perfectly fine because she was intent on making herself cum. Noxi only paused to hold her teddy bear close and placed a pacifier in her mouth and continued masturbating furiously! Noxi is what I call a grower with a cute little peenie when it’s flaccid.

But it’s what I’d describe as a pretty big uncut cock when it’s fully erect. The head was visible when she approached climax. Then a sudden blast of creamy white cum spurted from her swollen red cockhead! Actually it was a series of blasts! Noxi licked her stroking hand clean and thanked the Chaturbate tippers. Noxi described herself last year as health goth and genderfluid and now her profile describes her as simply trans. She’s so gorgeous and this is the weekend – the best time to complete a FREE REGISTRATION on Chaturbate. Let’s hope she’s back on again today.

Take A Bubble Bath with Charboo

If you saw Charboo aka Abicha four weeks ago in her Franks-TGirl World debut, your subconscious mind has been anxiously awaiting her return. If not, you’re in for and explosive follow-up set that will make you crave seeing her first set. The adorable beauty from Bangkok, Thailand is a 5’4″(163cm) minx that I’d never have imagined would get so wild during a shoot if I saw her in public in the casual wear that adorned her in her debut. The video begins with Charboo sitting at the tub grazing one of her lightly oiled calves with one hand. Her flaccid uncut cock peeks out of her robe as the camera pans up her bare feet to her lovely face. The footage of her caressing one nipple while hiding the growing bulge between her legs is exquisite. Charboo releases her erection and strokes it firmly. When she lets her stiff cock go, it stands up at a gravity defying angle. After lathering up in the tub, Charboo bangs her fun spot with a silver bullet butt plug. There’s an instant replay of her tremendous cumshot at the end of this exemplary Frank’s TGirl World video and the photo set is phenomenal, too!

Kink Unlimited: Danielle Foxx, Venus Lux & DJ on TS Seduction

After nearly 20 years as a network of separate BDSM sites, has re-launched as Kink Unlimited, an all-access portal for the company’s two dozen brands. The move represents a new era, freeing the online giant’s massive user-base from the confines of separate subscriptions. Kink Unlimited will allow visitors to access the studio’s entire library of BDSM content with one $49.99 monthly pass.

I totally get it when they opt for a life outside of the adult industry and respect it. But that doesn’t mean I have to like it. I was really disappointed when Danielle Foxx went into early retirement, but I’m so glad she’s back. She’s now on TS Seduction for the 6th time and this is her first post-op performance on the site. Another favorite of mine is Venus Lux, Danielle’s co-star with over 30 Kink performances for Venus Lux between TS Seduction and TS Pussy Hunters. The cute guy who plays Danielle’s husband is lots of fun and he delivers a solid performance if you’ll pardon the pun. The theme is a time-tested classic one we’ve seen many times before, yet with a trans twist, obviously. The story mirrors one of Danielle’s real life loves of seeing men getting fucked. DJ feels uncomfortable during the therapy session with Venus as the counselor, but all those feeling begin to dissipate while he’s on his hands and knees on the bed naked. He gets a salad tossing and cock sucking from Danielle as Venus directs the action. DJ is obviously expecting strapon sex from both beautiful women, but he’s surprised to discover that one of them has a cock as real as his own is. The surprise is a highly pleasurable one for DJ who gets spitroasted with Venus fucking his face and Danielle banging him from the back doggy style. She gets a taste of the counselor’s rigid cock also when she pauses her pumping. Danielle wrecks this man’s butt with her tits and ass jiggling all over the place. Then as he goes down on her pretty pussy, Venus destroys his rump. My favorite part might be seeing Danielle getting pummeled by Venus while sucking DJ off. Or is could be when Venus fucks DJ again while Danielle rides his face. At this point, it’s all just a sexual blur to me until I watch this TS Seduction instant classic all over again. DJ has been on Kink sites several times before. You can find more of Danielle’s incredible work on and for more of Venus, go to

Misty Summers on Femout.XXX

Misty Summers of West Palm Beach, Florida knew she was trans since she was about 16 years old, but she’d only been in transition for about a year when Jack Flash recently shot this Femout.XXX debut. Wow! The ‘mones don’t owe her nuthin’! As Jack’s opening interview continues, Misty exclaims that she’s definitely a bottom. She has a sweet speaking voice, too. One of her fantasies involves something on my bucket list when in top mode. The first articles of clothing Misty removes are her tank top and Latin-inspired mini skirt when she stands up. Then she removes her bra and lowers her panties. You don’t need me to tell you that her body looks just yummy. She gives us another glimpse of her cute butt before facing the camera again and taking hold of her cock. Misty begins jerking off with a pleasant smile on her face. She also fondles her hormone boobs and thrusts her ass out with her hands on the chaise. She spreads her cheeks and oh, my word! That winning smile evolves into a lustful look of intention as she sits back to stroke her erection. She does this on her knees also and her cock looks hard enough to cut diamonds with. Then she stands up to swing her big dick around and that’s about as far as I can go without getting overheated. Check out the dynamic debut of Misty Summers on Femout.XXX! Misty hasn’t been broadcasting live in going on two months. But let’s hope she returns for more live performances on

Icy Winters

When Chaturbate webcam star Icy Winters describes herself as a nerdy, kinky trans girl, keep in mind that all that nerdiness resides between her ears. Her icywinterstudio on amateurporn porn proves it. So did her live webcam performance last night. The fuck toy she’s referring to in this little MP4 was wearing a tartan plaid skirt this morning in Icy’s Chaturbate webcam show. Icy sat astride her topless. She was wearing a pair of black panties, but her cock shaft was in her hand, hard and pressed between the cute fuck toy’s butt cheeks. The fuck toy helped with her fist to guide Icy’s frottage along. Icy sat next to said fuck toy on the sofa, lubed up a vibrator with her mouth and fucked her with the blue toy. Icy took hold of her webcam to give us an aerial view of her stiff cock sliding between fuck toy’s booty cleavage. With a little verbal humiliation, Icy let us know that she was eventually going to cum on fuck toy’s ass this way. But the fuck toy got up to straddle Icy next and ground hard against her. At this point, I didn’t know what was going to happen next until the fuck toy began stroking Icy’s erection. Icy began moaning loudly and after awhile, she politely warned that she’d have to tune us out for a bit. That’s just what she had to do to keep her promise and she came exactly the way she said she would.