Cassard Studios Sweet Creamy Stuff



German porn star Cassy Cassard entered the amateur adult industry in 2003 and has developed an incredible archive with her production company Cassard Studios. What you’ll find inside is lesbian transvestite sex, vintage nylons, roleplay and fetish outfits….Cassy and her friends dressed as nurses, schoolgirls, stewardesses, secretaries, 50’s style pinups, geishas, police officers and army officers. I love the torrid hardcore content like this “Sweet Creamy Stuff” set with Cassy and blonde Liza. It comes with 100 photos (1067 x 1600) and is split into two Movie clips. There are now over 10,000 Hardcore Images and over 250 horny videoclips of Cassy and her super sexy guest models.


She-Male Perverts Scene #01




Venus Lux and Savannah Fox star in She-Male Perverts Scene #01 and the video previews and sample photo gallery above capture most of what goes on in the video. But since I’m a transsexual pervert, I feel it’s my duty to describe the action in words. The reason I make this distinction is because only a few TS’s I know of aren’t offended if called “shemale” to our faces. I don’t like it either, and if I covered transsexual porn without any mention of if, I wouldn’t have much content in this niche to blog about. Now that I’ve cleared that up, I loved the performances of Savannah Fox with the hostess of on Evil Angel. The cisgender female moderator, porn star Francesca Le, compliments Venus on her big tits and asks Savannah to expose her secret. “I have a big, fat penis” Venus says and that’s Savannah’s Valentine’s Day gift. But there’s a present store in for the blonde genetic girl too . My cock was as stiff as the Chinese/Cambodian megastar’s big dick just looking at the flowery petals of the blonde’s quim as she played with herself. Although Savannah does have a gag reflex, her blowjob skills look amazing! The sounds she made when sinking down on the stunning transsexual’s stiff prick made me as hard as I could get. Savannah was literally quivering when she slid down on that huge bare penis. Then, she started squirting! Can I have her for Valentine’s Day 2016? Franchesca couldn’t resist grasping the pee-soaked erection as it pumped in and out of Savannah’s pussy. There are too many position changes to mention, but I also loved the silver vibrator fucking that made Venus blast a big, creamy white load of cum! Franchesca held Savannah by the hair as she submissively tried to lick up every last drip of all that jizz.

Alicia Snow on UK TGirls


Finally, the UK has it’s own website dedicated to showcasing the stunning transsexual models across the British Isles! The United Kingdom is one of the great melting pots of the world and this site will be presenting models from all different parts of the country and different backgrounds on UK TGirls! As one of the main tourist destinations, the producers might even have to sneak in the occasional visitor and they’ve already had some girls from Scandinavia and other parts of Northern Europe request to come and work with them, as the sole outlet for transsexual European pornography. “I moved out of the UK in 1996 and I don’t think I’d met a transsexual before that. The majority of models we’ve worked with have been in North and South America and Asia,” said Grooby owner Steven Grooby. “Over the years we’ve always been able to source a few UK models who have proven popular, but it became apparent in late 2014 that there were a lot more British tgirls who were now looking to model.” Grooby has been working with a UK producer for the last few years and thought it would be worth showcasing British trans girls with their own website. “The European girls do look different to models from other countries and we’re hoping to capitalize on everything that’s cool and unique about the UK culture on this site,” Grooby added. Alicia Snow has such a pretty face and killer body. She jokes that her shoot is taking place in sunny London, does a twirl and asks which side we think her best is. “Are you ‘effing kiddin me?” I asked myself. If she has a worst one, it’s better than most I’ve seen anywhere. Alicia makes the sexiest faces when she poses and when she speaks. Her naughty schoolgirl outfit shows off her tight abs and her firm, oh-so-fuckable ass. She drops her panties with her tartan plaid skirt still on and and slowly reveals big dick that stands at attention like a horny British soldier. You can actually see her cock growing the moment she sits down on the chair to begin stroking (or I guess I should say wanking). She turns her magnificent ass to the camera and toys with her rosebud. Wait until you hear Alicia’s hi-pitched moans when she works a bullet butt plug inside herself. Don’t miss the incredible Alicia Snow on UK TGirls!

Delia DeLions and Kimmy Lee






I know I’m not the only one here who has followed Delia DeLions since she launched her crossdresser website many years ago. We witnessed her transition and site conversion to Delia-TS and sometimes go back in time for her original content for old time’s sake. We’ve seen her become one of the biggest contract stars in the industry, working with other director, producers and independent transsexual, genetic female stars. Now we get to see Delia in the Kink world with her TS Pussy Hunters debut. The 38D-29-39 megastar is well-matched with the petite 36C-26-37 Kimmy Lee in from Whipped Ass and Everything Butt in a spectacular 40 minute video. I could have downloaded the scene in parts, but I prefer to go for the whole enchilada in the highest resolution available – crystal clear HD. As the plot unfolds, Mrs. DeLions is so appreciative to Kimmy Lee for tutoring her son in Calculus, but she never noticed what a sexy young woman she has become. They start to flirt, the shoes come off, one thing leads to another and Mrs. DeLion’s stiff 7″ cock finds its way into Kimmy’s mouth. Mrs. DeLions fucks Kimmy bareback hard, fast and passionately, but they need to be quiet so the kids don’t hear. This is the first time Kimmy has been featured with a transsexual performer on video, but not in the personal life of this bondage queen. This scene is perfect for genetic girls who fantasize or have already experienced transsexual sex. For anyone out there with a cock between their legs who’s turned on by both gorgeous TS’s and GG’s (genetic girls), I can’t imagine them not fantasizing about banging Kimmy, or fucking or being fucked by Delia DeLions of Delia-TS which is co-run by Delia’s GG wife Tasty-Trixie. It was amazing right down to the big money shot and cummy kiss at the end. Both ladies describe their favorite parts in the closing TS Pussy Hunters interview. Makes $50k Porn Offer to Rachel Dolezal


While the country has been divided since Rachel Dolezal’s parent’s outed the now former Spokane Chapter of the NAACP, The Dogfart Network which is the largest Interracial and Black Adult Entertainment Network on the web has offered her a $50,000 contract to perform in 4 separate scenes. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is an African-American Civil Rights Organization that was founded in 1909. It consists of numerous chapters across the US and is known as the official lobbying wing for issues associated with African-Americans. Dolezal stepped down from her post as President of the Spokane chapter on Monday after being outed by her own parents and the internet blowing up on whether or not her being in that position and being white while pretending to be black was unethical. The Dogfart Network which runs 23 different sites all catering to the Interracial and Black Adult Entertainment genres states that they’ve “never discriminated against any race and has in fact built one of the largest Adult Entertainment Empires using the Interracial Genre. A Dogfart Representative said, “Now that Dolezal is out of work, we would like to offer her a $50,000 contract to perform in 4 separate scenes for 4 of our different sites. She will be given creative control and get to choose the talent she works with. We hope she seriously considers this offer.” Take the We Fuck Black Girls tour. Cousins Athena & Mindy








I hope you clicked on each photo for galleries and video previews! 21 year old 5’6″, 34B-25-36 Athena and 19 year old Mindy, with the same voluptuous proportions, are cousins who’ve never done porn before. Here they are on First Time Video – FTV Girls! They’s never kissed another girl before, but they get rather intimate pretty quickly! We meet them at a coffee shop, where the cousins introduce each other, then start making out. Then they flash their breasts in public! Along a road, they strip down completely naked, chasing after each other with their full breasts bouncing and their nice round butts exposed. Of course, there are people walking their dogs and hiking while they run around naked. Back home, Mindy masturbates first, with a vibrator, ending up with a strong orgasm and visible vaginal contractions. Then it’s Athena’s turn and she also ends up having an orgasm rather quickly with strong vaginal contractions. These girls cum easily! Naked together in the bedroom, they get playful, as Mindy shows off her flexibility and cheerleading skills, then they end up wrestling each other. Putting on sexy red dresses and heels, the girls model for us, give us upskirt views, then dance to music together. Soon enough, they’re naked, spreading each others’ butts! It’s time to get kinky, and they penetrate each other with long, large cucumbers, trying different positions and seeing who can go deepest on it. Then they try stuffing smaller cucumbers, double penetrating each other and seeing what their limits are. Back out in public, we see them in more sexy dresses and wedges, flashing their cute figures, and making out. They start fingering themselves, then go home to play some more. Mindy gives us extreme closeups of her private parts, then fingers her butt, and even tries the vibraking toy. Then Athena joins in with her own masturbation with the Magic Wand toy, ending up with another strong orgasm, and gapes her vagina for us. She also tries out anal fingering. Both have never been penetrated anally. Then they get into some foot fetish fun, as Mindy’s pretty feet get massaged, toes sucked, and kissed by her cousin. They end up massaging each others’ breasts, then sucking on each other’s nipples. For the grand finale, they end up penetrating each other with a double-ended dildo, grinding against it. Athena ends up pounding Mindy on the floor, fucking her harder and faster over time – All for the first time on FTV Girls!

Pornstars Love Trannies



What do some of my favorite award-winning genetic female stars including Angelina Valentine, Ava Devine, Katie Summers and porn star turned comedian Alia Janine have in common? With the exception of Alia, they’re all Pornstar Platinum network girls and they’re all in the Pornstars Love Trannies DVD which is part of the Gonzo Sale now at Adult Empire! Angelina Valentine gets picked up by Vaniity. Alia Janine has her first transsexual scene with Tiffany Starr. Angelina returns to take on two stiff cocks with Carmen Moore and TS Foxxy. Alia and Tiffany are back in Scene #4, this time with Katie Summers. Busty porn icon Ava Devine has an extreme threesome with Buddy Wood discovery Nody Nadia, Tiffany Starr and a strapon dildo! This film was originally released in April 2013 and runs 116 minutes. This film was must have for my personal collection. 

Mari Sora on Shemale Japan

Watching the video debut of Mari Sora is one the rare occasions when I wished I spoke Japanese to understand what Shemale Japan photographer Hiro and his model are saying. That’s because the first 9 and a half minutes or so is an interview. But the rest of the 23 minute scene is a strip tease and masturbation session. I didn’t see any evidence of hormones with Mari’s body, not that I really care about whether a model is a crossdresser, transvestite or transsexual on this amazing site. But I must admit I was curious about Mari’s situation. One situation I decided was no exaggeration was that the cock that emerges from her panties is 8.5 inches fully erect. I guess it manages to stand up so high when Mari is standing because it’s long, but not extremely thick. Whatever the case, it’s still a mesmerizing sight to watch. Mari gets completely naked and she isn’t quite as shy as she appears in her preview gallery. Nor does she complain when Hiro begins stroking her stiff dick. She giggles cutely when he plays with her tightly drawn ball-sack. When she turns to show her cute little butt, Hiro starts rubbing her prostate and I think I saw a clear bead of precum beginning to ooze from the head of her cock. I’ll be there for the follow-up videos where, at some point, Mari will release a cumshot or perhaps perform in a hardcore video on Shemale Japan.

Krissy4u in Little Business Break

There’s no possible way I could set up a Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl video better than she can herself. The way she describes it makes me almost as horny as actually watching the scene. Krissy Kung says, “Sometimes you just need to take a little time off for some pleasurable moments, whether that be going out for some sunshine, enjoying a nice hike, or riding that big, beautiful dildo that you have stuffed away for such times! As you can see, in this video on Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl, I’m taking a little ‘me’ time to enjoy stuffing my ass with my favorite dildo… I have plenty of fun in this half-hour long video, and I think you’ll love hearing me moan and groan with pleasure as I bring myself to the point of shooting a hot load of cum all over my stockings! Swing on by and catch this sexy video, available for Members of the site to download right now!” Take a good look at these photos and take Krissy’s torrid tour.


Jude Villian on just might be your porn sweet spot if you’re pansexual. It is for me. It’s all about transsexuals early in transition. Take Jude for instance. I got to know a few things about her while watching her videos. For one thing, Jude loves latex and PVC clothing, and she loves tying people up. Jude is not really interested in being the passive partner during rope play. If you wanted her to be submissive, you’d have to spank her well. She can be a bit of a size queen, and she’s a fan of dragon toys. She’s from Colorado and has lived in Boulder where she says you can find a lot of kinkster parties. From watching Jude’s interview with photographer Radius Dark, I don’t think gender matters to her. This could be another pansexual victory. I hope so, and I have my reasons. Jude likes ice on her sensitive nipples. I rarely see a top who likes pain so this is an interesting twist. “My porn style has been inspired much from the artist Dmitrys. I hope any photos or videos I take have a personal feel for the viewers, it is a big compliment from my fans about the personal touch, she said. “I have been transitioning for a year now and the effects on my body really have started to show, my boobs seem bigger everyday. I have been trying to gain weight to achieve more appealing curves, however my body seems to refuse,” she added. Jude loves ice on her rock hard cock, too. I think you’ll love watching the cold water dripping down her big shaft. In her follow-up video, Jude is quite vocal when stripping and masturbating. She really knows how to work the dirty talk. When Jude says, “I’m finally about to cum. You’re not gonna want to miss this,” we saw her long dick shoot a blast of creamy white cum on the marble sink. It was recorded with closeup instant replays especially for cumshot lovers. Jude said it had been a long time since she’d had an orgasm. She was not kidding!

Sarina Valentina and Ashton Abrahms

Seeing TS Sarina Valentina and Chaturbate webcam performer Ashton Abrahms (room=ashtonabrahms) reminds me of the time I thought I was bisexual. That was before I realized I was actually pansexual. That time I’m recalling is when beautiful Sarina was getting railed by a guy who was so hot, I couldn’t make up my mind who I was more attracted to! For me to have that problem while watching a hardcore scene with Sarina is really saying something. The reason it’s Ashton’s first official porn scene is because he’s only 18 years old (July 8, 1996). I should be ashamed lusting after a guy this young. But I’m not. Sue me. I’ve only seen the photo set so far and here’s a sample of what I know is going to be a killer video. By the way, Sarina Valentina happens to be in my top ten favorite transsexual porn stars of all time. She’s done it all including sex with all genders, interracial, BDSM, etc. All this and she looks as incredible as she did when she first entered the adult entertainment world as Alexis. Also, like the name of this set says, she still loves, “The Sweet Taste of Cum.”

CrossDress Virgins and The TGirl Pass

The model in the preview gallery is a naughty mature part-time girl with a set entitled “Didn’t Take Long” on a network of ten CD/TV sites for the price of one – The TGirl Pass. The original version is on CrossDress Virgins. I can’t tell by looking at Leyjane if she’s as inexperienced as some of the other CD’s here, but I could clock her as a dude from a mile away. If you’re like me, you don’t allow small details like gender make any difference about whom you have sex with. I don’t care that this model is wearing a wig and has not real breasts beneath the brassiere. When I see those sultry eyes and long legs, I want to see what Leyjane’s cock looks like. I want to know if she’s a real virgin. Click on Leyjane’s photo and let me know if you’d like to pop her cherry if she is one.

St Mackenzie’s Wannabe Lucy-Anne

At St Mackenzie’s, good behavior is optional, definitely not required. This is the most unruly institute of learning in England and on the web, Known for it debauchery, anarchy and deprivation. This is top notch erotic fantasy, set within a fictional English girls school – St. Mackenzie’s Institute of Learning. It features a bevy of British girls, the crème de la crème pulled from the UK glamour scene. Mackenzie the Headmistress describes what’s going on here with this super sexy student, “Lucy-Anne is alone in her classroom, she is getting used to being at St Margaret’s although she still wishes she was a St Mackenzie’s girl. She is wearing the official St Margaret’s uniform because all girls must wear correct uniform at all times! However this doesn’t stop Lucy-Anne having the cheek to strip off all her uniform in class!”

All Girl Inclusive with Mandy Mitchell and Bianca Stone

Not only is one of my all time transsexual porn stars back, Mandy Mitchell, but she’s brought along a genetic female star I adore to present All Girl Inclusive, a transfemale inclusive lesbian porn website. It’s as passionate as their relationship. The hostess of the official Mandy-Mitchell website created a void in transgender adult entertainment as deep and wide as the Grand Canyon when she took a break from the industry. I became a fan of Bianca Stone at around the same time through her amazing Kink network performances, especially her TS Pussy Hunters scene with Joanna Jet entitled “Step Mommy Has A Cock.” In that torrid scene, Bianca’s CEO father announced via email to Bianca that he has remarried and that his new wife – her new English stepmother – would be paying her a visit in the US. Bianca was pissed and planned to be as bitchy as possible to her new mommy until the woman left. When Joanna fell asleep on the couch, exhausted with jet lag, Bianca tied Joanna up and pounced on her. She discovered that Joanna had a punishment in mind for this bad behavior, and it wasn’t a grounding. It turned out to be a tremendous fucking with her very stern and very hard cock. I cannot tell you how excited I am about all the hot stuff Mandy and Bianca have in store for us next!